Dipherence Sings of Rough Times

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You may know the name Dipherence from the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall Competition, where he made his way into the music spotlight as a contestant.

 Notably, he was also a semi-finalist in the Tastee Talent Trail Competition in 2012.


After taking a brief hiatus, the talented powerhouse is back and has unleashed the much anticipated single “Rough Times”. With the release of this new song, the lyrical maestro is determined to make an indelible mark in the music business.

“Rough Times” was officially released in April and produced by Orville Matherson and Vaughn Watson from Yaad Boiiz Records. The release was met with much excitement and according to him the feedback has been overwhelming thus far.

“The feedback has exceeded my expectations. It has garnered almost 200,000 views on Youtube. My fans have been very supportive; I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses from all over the world”. He said

He believes that the warm reception is due to the relatability of the song, as everyone can understand and identify with the lyrics. The single speaks explicitly to the lack of support he faced when he decided to venture into music.

“This story is really personal for me because I’m talking about what I have lived through. It is about how people who I thought were my friends discriminated against my passion for music and how I much I had to struggle to get my career off the ground”.

The single also has an accompanying visual which has help to further propel the success of the track. “Rough Times” is available for download from several digital media outlets including ITunes, Spotify etc.

He boasts that he sees great heights being reached by this latest musical offering.

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