Dancehall reggae artiste Ramize Yardsoul

by vernon smith
(kitson town stcathrine jamaica)

Ramize (born Vernon ‘alrick’ Smith) a shy but charismatic character hailing from Kitson town stcathrine, Jamaica would be paving his way towards stardom,

Ramize has also cultivated a deep love for the sound of America’s own R&B and Classic Souls music.In his younger years, Ramize would spend hours listening to a these different genres of music which he described as ‘being close to his heart’.

By fusing Reggae, R&B and Classic Soul, Ramize has developed a niche for himself called “Yard Soul”: Soul from Yard (his home, Island Jamaica).

Ramize describes Yard soul as his way of expressing his love for music with his own personal signature,“Yard Soul” also blossoms from his own ongoing love affair with music as a spiritual force that resonates deep within in his soul and which he feels has the ability to move people and change their lives.

He has spent years honing as craft as a vocalist, consistently striving towards perfection. Hoping that one day he will go on to make his mark and be part of the long list of musicians that have gone on to make both their country and the world proud. he as also released 5 single over time that has gotten some air play and he is also working on is album of witch he written and made a few riddims on.

He hope to fine a team management/producers ect that will help to get his craft to the massive the world if any one wish to get to ramize here are some contacts (8768710361/8764107531/8764192673)or you can check is music pages at these links for face book and for his reverb nation page

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