dancehall reggae artiste DC

by DRW

Dancehall reggae artiste DC

Dancehall reggae artiste DC

Dujon Caesar, better known by his performing name "DC", is a versatile and inspiring artist originating from the federation of St. Kitts/ Nevis .

Though he is adept in the DanceHall/Reggae genre, he also produces music in favorable genres such as Soca, R&B, Lovers Rock, Hip Hop and more.

DC grew up in the town of Sandy Point on the small island of St. Kitts, where at a tender age he found that he had a passion for music after being introduced to music through his mother.

He then shared his musical experiences with some of his pairs who then united to form "Karizmatic Productions." This is a passion which he carried throughout his school years during which his evolution in music drove him to new heights.

After completing his secondary level of education he entered the teaching field and invested his earnings into the first official "Lockoff Records" studio. The studio is presently the record hub for most artist found in the Sandy Point and other neighboring areas.

DC is currently working to integrate his music internationally and is seeking the opportunity to perform globally and in addition, also working with many of his fellow uprising Kittitian artist to achieve success.

The young artist has been working on multiple singles and collaborations under his very own record label "Lock Off Records" exerting optimum effort to achieve his career goals.

Tracks from DC and other corresponding artist can be found on many music sites and LOR's Website: and his MySpace: For 7 years DC has been writing and recording tracks for fun until recently when he decided to pursuit music as a career.

He then started performing at many of his local venues, entered competitions and started helping his fellow upcoming artist: as a way of giving back to his community. DC also released his first music video "Can't Believe It" addressing the escalating crime and violence happening not only in his country but worldwide.

Lock Off Records was the artist's first childhood dream, which was to have a studio of his own. After making the link with who are now his current partners in LOR, Kaz, Hatcha B and Kenny G, whom are all currently, trying to attain higher levels in their field in the music business. DC and other artists of LOR also have plans of collaborating with top international artists.

DC's main objective is to get the opportunity of a lifetime to further his career and travel the world spreading positive music and molding the minds of every listener and fan.

He is also looking to make an impact in the music industry showing every young upcoming artist that nothing is impossible to accomplish and if you trust in the father every day, he will guide you on your way? Lock Off!!

DC released new single "Puzzle Piece"

To Contact/Find DC
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Management: Tel: 869-668-6867
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