Dancehall artiste Gangoolie shoots video for new single 'Donkey Kick'


Spanish Town-based recording artiste Gangoolie, who is making national waves with his latest hit, Muscle Wine, has shot a video for his follow-up single called Donkey Kick.

The video was shot at West Kings House Road, St Andrew, and featured dancers from Team Russian from Cooreville, Tanya Spice from Portmore and dancers from Spanish Town such as Ms Watt, Big 13, Ratty, Tara and Shauntelle.

The video shoot featured a 'karate' segment, with Ms Watt acting as a black belt Tae Kwan Do master, presiding over a sparring session between rival dancers dressed in karate costumes provided by Fighting Tigers club in Spanish Town.

Matrix-like fighting scenes

"There is a scene where Ms. Watt jump out of a tall tree while inna her karate clothes, and some Matrix-like fighting scenes between girls in karate costumes, people ah go love the scenes dem," Gangoolie said.

The Donkey Kick dance originated from Tawes Pen in Spanish Town after some verbal jousting between two girls.

"Two girls were arguing, and dem did a mock and jeer each other, and somebody say when yu see yu mate, yu fi gi har a donkey kick and kick out dem foot, and from de so, the dance just build," Ratty explained.

Donkey Kick combines with the MuscleWine dance with a hilariously inventive kicking movement.

"The song ah shot at dances like Bembe Thursdays, Mineral Wednesdays, Uptown Mondays, Trensetta Fridays, All Star Thursdays, Magnum Mondays, and it ah shell Spanish Town. Wherever it draw inna the dance, the place just get mad because is a gimmick thing and the gal dem love it," Gangoolie said.

The single appears on the Diamond Music Empire imprint on the 'Hypocrite' rhythm.

Gangoolie has enjoyed a lot of success withMuscle Wine which peaked at #2 on the FIWI Choice Top-ten charts and has become a big sensation on the social media platforms. The song also has been getting radio play in Barbados, Trinidad and St Lucia as the Muscle Wine craze spreads to other Caribbean territories.

Gangoolie was once known as Hitlist aka The Sheriff, and he scored a big hit. Please Stop The Killing, in 2005, and became a protege of deejay Bounty Killer. You can contact Gangoolie at 874-3900 for bookings.

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