Dancehall and reggae artiste Rastian

by Jahwe Williams
(Kingston, Jamaica)

The artiste known as Rastian a young aspiring sing-jay who is very skillful with his lyrics and has versatility to rap, sing and deejay is making his way on the music scene.

In a sunny afternoon, born Jahwe Williams 1991, he is the third of five children of his mother and seventh child for his father, a former painter who now operate a taxi, he grew up in the parish of Kingston in Grants Pen Community his close-knit family instilled in him his morals and values and his friends, he got street knowledge, he attended Elim Early-Childhood Basic School where he frequently perform on stage and on a concert in church every Christmas. He then attends Dunrobin Primary School and repeated 6th grade at Shortwood Practising Primary & Junior High School. After which he was place at Calabar High School where his love for music grown and he begun writing songs.

After seeing so many acts like Usher, B2K, KC & JoJo, Joe, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa and then a Kartel and a Movado he was determine to get a fraction of the music and his mind was set on becoming a DJ. He then became friend with a member of the Gully Side called Kibaki, who gave him advice musically and educationally as a bigger brother throughout his years at Calabar High School.

When he returned to school after 2nd form, he began to re-adopt the collision of schoolmates and friends who immediately recognized his talents, shortly after he along with his friends began writing their own texts for the group Murda-Clip which consist of three members Dane” Rapkid” Green, Jahwe ”Rastian” Williams and Mental.

He had to make a decision to do music or study his books for CSEC his Dad told him, so he then put his music on pause and does his school work. The group continued to 5th form, and then members went into separate directions after 5th form. Rastian got 6 CSEC passes in POB, POA, IT, OA, English and Mathematics and then move on to Oberlin to do his A Levels in the following courses MOB, Accounting, Communication Studies and Caribbean Studies in 2009 to 2011 June.

Between the years at Oberlin High School he met a Producer Jah D a good friend of his father that taught him about music and gave him the opportunity to voice a song for the second time. He was still focused on school and track & field so he hardly wrote music then. After he finished Sixth Form at Oberlin High School and gain passes in all his A Levels he then started to pick up his music career.

Rastian credits Raneal “ShakWave” Onfroy for introducing him to the business aspect of the music industry by telling him the business of music and the internet taught him that for an artist's music is not only recording and performing, but the business aspect is also very important.

Presently Rastian approached Jay one of Jah D sons who use to work in the studio introduce him to his cousin Raneal “ShakWave” Onfroy and gave him some instrumentals and he did some promotion demo tunes Nah Beg, Real Hustler, Dreaming and Grantspen Anthem. He has release his first single "Nah Beg" which is getting rotation on the radio and the follow up single is coming out soon.
There are no restrictions on where he plans to take his career Rastian plans to develop himself as an artist and keep putting in hard work to reap the benefits. Over the next five years he hopes to develop internationally acclaimed albums.


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