Christians are in the world but not OF the world. we are different!

(Bradenton, Fl.)

I used to sing dancehall and roots reggae before my deliverance and they are both different from Biblical Gospel music that sing specifically About Jesus Christ that came from heaven in the flesh and not Halie Selasie.

Reggae Music that's sings about smokin weed and meditating on Gods word and Halie Salasie is New Age and it is an occult a doctrine of demons. An occult should never be on the same stage with true Christian gospel music, that would poison a Christian concert.

If those artists are singing dancehall or roots reggae "Smokin weed style of music and singing to Halie Salasie then their false Prophets and they pervert Gods word, if you know Gods word then you know where their end is.

You can only serve ONE master!! The true light should be running the darkness off the stage and be a true witness instead of lowering their standards.

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