Tosh Alexander Interview with Dancehall Reggae World also Right On Time Video

The artist name is Tosh Alexander and she has her brand new single "Right On Time". Tosh is signed to Most Incredible Music Group which is founded by Grammy winner Brian Stanley.

Upcoming recording artiste Tosh Alexander have just released the video to her last single 'Right On Time'.

Tosh who is now signed to the Most Incredible Music Group which was founded by Grammy winner Brian Stanley, recent had a one on one chat with Neco from dancehall reggae world.

See full interview below..

1. What's your birth name?
Ans: My name is Tosh Alexander -Simmonds.

2. Where were you born?
Ans: I was born in Brooklyn, New York.

3. How would you classified your Music, Dancehall or Reggae?
Ans: I actually try not to classify my music or place it in a box. I do have reggae and dancehall influences in my music, along with other genres.

4. Who or what influenced your career choice?
Ans: Ever since I could remember I've always love singing, so my passion has definitely influenced my decision to pursue it. However, I do remember watching Whitney Houston perform at the Grammys when I was around 5 or 6, and that moment really did it for me.

5. Did you get formal training?
Ans: Yes actually. For the past 4 years I've been taking voice lessons. I've realized the importance of really maximizing my craft and getting the best out of my voice.

6. Do you write your own music?
Ans: I do write my own music most of the time, but I also definitely get help or collaborate creatively along with other writers. Steel sharpens steel.

7. If yes, where do you get your lyrical ideas to write?
Ans: My lyrical ideas are influenced by my life, really. Sometimes it's just from my personal experiences or sometimes I tap into situations around me. Sometimes
I can sing a song that has everything to do with me, while another song relates to nothing I've been through.

8. Who is your mentor?
Ans: My mentor would have to be my father. And it's definitely because of his story. Both my parents are people who I look up to and admire, but my fathers story really depicts that your circumstances do not have to determine your future.

9. Which of your songs do you love the most?
Ans: I prefer my love songs. But really the "love gone bad" songs. And I prefer them because they force me to really tap into that vulnerable side, to search and give that emotion.

10. What is your worst experience since becoming an artist?
Ans: The worst part - The wait. Lol. That's an honest response. It truly is nerve racking to wait. And although I appreciate why I have to wait, it still is the worst part. Because I really wish I could just show the world everything about Tosh right now! But you know, that's not how it works.

11. Your best experience?
Ans: The best part - my growth is by far my best experience... Which naturally comes with time and hard work... Which means waiting is actually not so bad ;) ... But yes, that would have to be the most gratifying feeling from this whole experience, just feeling and hearing my growth as an artist.

12. What would you change about the industry today?
Ans: What would I change in this industry? Before there were less gimmicks, more talent. And that created a great balance. But personally I feel there are more gimmicks magnified now than talent, and that's a little off balance to me .

13. What advice would you give to young upcoming artists?
Ans: My advice to young talent would be to believe in yourself and what you have to offer. This industry can strip you of that confidence too easily. So I would really encourage them to take constructive criticism but always believe in what you have to give. Also, don't be discouraged by the "no's" because there will be plenty of those. And all it simply means is to keep going til you get the right "yes!"

14. How would you describe your music to people?
Ans: I describe my music as "great" music . It may sound cliche but that's just honestly what I think of what I'm doing. It embodies everything about me and my life and it's just very authentic. I approach every song with pride and diligence so it really is just great quality music that's relatable and hopefully timeless.

15. What image does your music protray?
Ans: What image?? I don't believe my music portrays a particular image. I feel it just portrays a lot of different aspects, it mirrors so many different kinds of emotions and feelings. One song could be deep .. But the other could be on the surface and just fun. It varies. So it just portrays me, Tosh Alexander.

16. What are your career goals?
Ans: My career goal is my life goal, and it's to be the best. To be the best at what I do. To be remembered 300 years from now. To be one of the greatest to ever do it.

17. How would you define the word success?
Ans: I define success as finally being on a platform where the world can hear my music. Where a song I wrote can change a persons life. Where I will be able to make a livelihood from pursuing my passion. Taking care of my family. And, where I will be a solidified contributor to music.

18. How do you market yourself?
Ans: I market myself as person every little girl can relate and look up to. To eventually be a role model. We are all human, we have ups and down, we go through different emotions but you have to just believe in yourself, stay grounded and don't forget to pray...

19. Do you have a manager?
Ans: I actually do not have a manager right now.

20. If no, who handles your business?
Ans: My team at MIMG collectively works together to make sure everything is handled.

21. Are you assigned to any specific label?
Ans: Yes I am . I am signed to Most Incredible Music Group, MIMG. Brian Stanley is the CEO.

22. Give five words that describe you, your style and personality.
Ans: I am fun, feisty, sassy , edgy and moody. Lol

23. Do you have any new material coming out soon?
Ans: Yes I do! It's called "Right On Time" and it's available on iTunes , google play and amazon. It's also premiering on MTV Jams and it's my official single.

24. Have you ever gone on any major tour/tours?.
Ans: I haven't been on any major tours as yet! But that's definitely something my team and I are working towards now.

25. What is the biggest festival/stage show you've performed on?
Ans: The biggest festival/show I have performed on would be a "LIME" tour in Jamaica where we performed in different cities for the masses. I performed with Konshens and Sizzla and it has been, so far one of the biggest crowds I've ever had to perform for.

See video for Tosh Alexander Right On Time Below..

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