Konshens, Gyptian, Mojo Morgan, Esco, RDX, Blaqk Sheep, and More Speak On Fatherhood!


TheMalaika.com - Father's Day is upon us and I would like to take the time to personally wish my amazing father, the equally amazing father of my children, all fathers worldwide, uncles, grandfathers, and men who take an active role in a child's life a Happy Father's Day!

Unfortunately working in the Entertainment industry I realized that many Caribbean artists and members of the entertainment fraternity get a bad rap and are often stereotyped. From multiple baby mamas, to absentee fathers, they are often regarded as baby making machines who play no active role in their children's life. So I took the time to reach out to several members of the entertainment industry to get their views on this matter, and to ask them "What does being a father mean to you".

Konshens "Being a father is one of the greatest feelings as a man...I think a child birth is a rebirth for the parents as well... The role of a father in my eyes is to provide,protect and ensure steady progression of a child, its also a civil duty to do the best you can make sure your child becomes a responsible smart adult in society."
"I think it would be unfair to start naming names to highlight good fathers in our industry because so many have stepped up to the plate and are playing the role they should play, I might forget a name... But off the top I can say the artistes under my label are all great and responsible fathers,we kinda made it an unofficial rule that you have to love your kids if you are a part of Subkonshus Music....people like Tarrus Riley, Christopher Martin, Nitty Kuthie, Kevin(Voicemail), Suku Ward etc all come to mind. Even Craig (Voicemail)is proving to be a good father and his baby isn't even born yet. So I would say we successfully killed the stereotype about artiste fathers."

Gyptian "Its not an easy task being a father, cause maintenance an the time is very essential. Yet being a father is one of the greatest feeling u nuh know, in that u brought out a new life into the world. Words alone can't explain this feeling."

Mojo Morgan "Fathers day means I take one of many days to reflect on my life as a father and also pay homage to my father before me. I pay homage to my father for giving me the blueprint on how to be the kind of father he has been to me and my siblings. I can only pray I can be as good of a father or better to my own children. Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers worldwide!"

Esco Da Shocker "It means the world. It feels gud to be appreciated and spend extra time with my daughter, plus its another day which celebrates family so i'm happy for that also. Bless up and big up all real fathers round the world."

Red Fox "Its the greatest feeling in the world. A sense of responsibility. The role of a father is to teach your youths how to prosper through this life journey. Schooling them from the mistakes you've made. Educating them on how to lift the bar higher with discipline, honor and respect so they will affect generations to come. Last but not least, providing for them even if it means to take your own shirt off your back to keep them comfortable."

Drezion (Tenament Yard Records) "Its means being more than just a regular man, it measn being a leader who has limitless understanding, it means sacrificing everything for someone besides you, it means my life will continue through someone else"

RDX "First and foremost family is of utmost importance and to be blessed to be a father is a blessing in every aspect. We as parents are motivated, humbled and forever charged with a responsibility to hot just take care of but teach and be a role model"

Blaqk Sheep Music "Well am still trying to figure this father job lol it means the world to me when I spend time with my daughter she's my best friend"

DJ Culcha "Greatest thing I've accomplished in my life! Having kids put my life in perspective."

DJ Denzie Frass "Being a father means having the privilege to bond with yourself or should a say a part of your own self, yuh know what I mean, having someone that looks like me look up to me as a hero feels great and and value and meaning to my life."

JigSwag "For me its a wonderful feeling knowing that for 1 I'm responsible for contributing in the development of a precious human being I call my child"

Madness (Digital Vibez Entertainment) "Being father to me means guiding your child from tender age to respectable adult; providing them with the necessary tools they need through out life's journey. Teaching them how to be a man and/or reassuring your daughter that she is beautiful. Being a good father is going above and beyond and most times going without just to make sure your child has it."

Thank you to Ronnie from Destine Media, Dancehall and Reggae artists Konshens, Gyptian, Mojo Morgan, Red Fox, RDX, Esco, Producer Drezion (Tenament Yard Records), Producer Blaqk Sheep, Producer Michael "Madness" (Digital Vibez Ent), DJ Culcha, Ultra Modern Magazine CEO Dennis McInnis and Entertainment photographer JigSwag!

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