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Jodian Pantry Unplugged: I was Bullied, Harrassed and called a Thief. (story of my life)

Jodian recently vent about her life story and we were given the rights to share this very touching life changing story with you.


So balancing Music with Studies is not particularly an easy task, however my head is still in them both to win it. Just imagine...... turning up for Promoters shows, but you still have to hand assignments in on time. Taking care of younger sibling at home, keeping updated on things happening in my surroundings, hitting the recording booth, while still keeping school focused, attending school in Kingston but living in Clarendon Jamaica. And no!!! I don't own a personal Ride, so your guess is correct. Me haffi "Bus it out" lol.

I am laughed at many times about my humbleness and easy going, "nuh watch nuh face" personality, because my mama done tell me, If yuh waah good, yuh nose haffi run. Humble calf, always suck the most milk. With all that in mind i keep going with a smile everyday. Everyday i pray for Grammys, make hits after hits, i pray to share the same stage with all the big names in the world you can think of, yet i still don't want to leave the life i love to live most behind.

I heard some ask, What life? well, its that same life where most of us sometimes misses it, to the point where some of you go back to that place trying to relive, and reminisce and to create new memories, also sharing those experiences with best friends. I am talking about, river side washing, bathing and cooking, preserving the Gas, by using the good ole, Coal stove, yes, i see the smiles, because experince teaches wisdom, am i right?, the visits to the country and that moment when taxi hard fi get, and here comes a old screeching LADA or a VAN, worse part rain start come down, and u totally forgot how nicey nicey you were and yuh haffi hitch ride.

And after all that hassle the lane and hills and valleys to Grandma yard!!! smh, my goodness, stop a miss joy likkle board shop on the way, not always fully stocked, shelves always looking scanty, but always have deh BAG sumpten deh, they call it suck suck lol. Yup, i still do all them things, wont give it away for any luxury, and any other life. The man i intend to spend the rest of my life with certainly cant be a nicey nicey either.

I love my LIFE!!!, I love the REAL me, No Plastic, sometimes i really wonder, where exactly will my MUSIC take me, or where do i Jodian Pantry want to take my Music since i love the life being "Country Girl" :)

However my question i would love some answers to is:
"Is it OK for Famous/Popular Celebrities to live a Normal Life?"

I was Bullied, Harrassed and called a Thief. (story of my life continues)

I never knew luxury, life as a child growing up was extremely rough. My mother raised me on her own, and still continues to do so to date. I was not born with a gold spoon in my mouth however the gold strawn of hair in the middle of my head,must be magic, and has been giving me all these blessings, hahahaha.

I can remember my first big accomplishment for my career, this was in 2001. Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Gospel Festival Competition, where my song "I'll Give My Heart" was given 2nd place. I felt like Goliath, as i was the only child amongst the adults at the time. This felt so good, and got so bad for me, so quickly at that, i felt like i was cursed, i felt like being different was a curse, being popular and known was horrible for me as a kid. I hated myself, things took a turn for the worst. In 2002 i became a High School Student, it was my first day at school, and it couldn't have gotten any worse i thought.

I remember mom and i was late for orientation that morning, the last to enter the auditorium. As mother and i made way into the room to find a seat, it was as if the whole proceeding paused, not literally, all in my mind. eyes pierced me, heads turned, gestures were being made, i saw lips meeting ear, i knew they were talking about me. "See Jodian Pantry deh".

Soon that was all over and as the form teachers called the name of the forms out, to escort us to our new classrooms, i was not given time to breath, when suddenly, "Watch yah!!!, so why fi are desk cleaner dan fi wi" a female voice blurted out, others joined in, kmt, because she a celebrity a voice responded. "Celebrity Mi Foot!!". That voice i couldn't stand was like the centre piece and voice for all mischief makers.That too has passed.

It was so hard fitting in, i did not feel normal, although i tried so hard to be normal, they hated me badly. Without reasons. And i say without reason because i was shy!!, scared, didn't know how to make friends, always in a corner by myself, yet i was picked on at all times. Soon i found some friends, who came by only because i was "RICH", according to their analysis. And after realizing that were the thoughts about me i played rich kid. I suddenly became a programmed YES GIRL.

"Likkle Gyal, carry meat loaf an a box orange juice when you a come", me wifey!! buy me somting nuh. miss Marie one box food, di biggest one, celebrity ago pay fah!, i played rich girl. At the time my family and i was soooo poor, even snack bags i chewed and swallowed after consuming what was inside the packet. But they had no idea what took place in my world, in my life, because in the school world i was the good Samaritan, AKA, Rich Girl and Celebrity. Those friends, well some of them were really bad for me, turned out i was always being left in the holes, they dug, because i couldn't defend myself, plus few teachers, never quite liked me either, according to them, i never passed for Glenmuir High School smh, and the school academic system was way too advanced for me. Truth is they were right in the beginning but not in the end, Praise Jesus!!.

I was..... accepted into GHS because of my talent, and the school was very musical. I was immediately placed on the Concert Choir, whose director was the late Justin Leo White. soon i travelled to Manchester England with them, for a choir competition called Shrewsbury Festival. And maaaan!!! it was not what i expected. On this choir no one liked me, i was a misfit and i was treated like one. A trip i looked forward to, shredded me to pieces.

This story continues, but i will only let you hear of what transpired on that trip if you comment below, saying continue, and also giving one word to describe my Life. :)

Jodian Pantry Unplugged: I was Bullied, Harrassed and called a Thief. (story of my life) Part 2

Comments for Jodian Pantry Unplugged: I was Bullied, Harrassed and called a Thief. (story of my life)

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Nov 28, 2014
Bad mind people
by: Anonymous

Bad things happen to good people. People can be such hypocrites.

Oct 25, 2014
by: Anonymous


Oct 22, 2014
sad story
by: Chrissy

just keep the faith sis your a role model

Oct 22, 2014
sad story
by: Chrissy

just keep the faith sis your a role model

Jul 15, 2014
Dont Give Up
by: Anonymous

God has called you at a young age for a purpose. Don't let no one steal your joy. You is highly favor by God. Continue singing and reaching out to people.

May 22, 2014
by: Jordia

dont give up've went through alot....God is with you and by your side girl. love you.

Apr 21, 2014
by: monette hamilton

continue ro reach your goal in life never give up

Mar 21, 2014
will make it far
by: Anonymous

a very good singer whom I admire I am sure with time she will be a big star

Mar 20, 2014
by: winsome rochester

jodian pantry ,fret not of evils doers ,only god can judge you ,people speculate then they fabricate then they start to hate dont worry about them god is the master,you go girl reach for the sky .nuff nuff love ,from winsome rochester.

Mar 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

continue to keep the faith

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