Festival Choir, Stripping Naked in the Cold on my tour. I was not checked in the hotel. (Story of My Life Continues part 5)

So i had a bad start this morning, however i kicked Mr. Negative and that thing called Intimidation and Fear right down Crash and Burn lane and fall on me!!! Fresh Anointing and Confidence. :)

You know last week i thought i was invisible, but this Blog, HA!! bwoy i tell yuh, let me not go there. Let me just say a prayer before resuming.

Saturate me with your anointing GOD, continue to direct me in the way you want me to go, you have gotten me to this point unexpectedly without me knowing i would have been here. I will not Disobey you. So give me extra strength and courage to do your WORK. I see no evil, hear no evil and i will speak no evil. I pray you will let my reflection or story be more than a blessing on your SELECTED people, and give those who are feeling hopeless and helpless, reassurance that you are a Miracle working GOD. Only YOU daddy JESUS knows what this BLOG is meant for, i leave everything else in your HANDS.

My lashing that day eventually end and my mother at this point after releasing the Belt from her hand, almost didn't know how to ask for my forgiveness, she was speechless. I was so hurt to the point where i asked god why don't you just take me back.

If it was never for my passion and love towards music, i doubt i would have joined another choir in school, it was the Festival Choir. This was where things started slightly looking up for me, i felt at home with this group, and even when there were differences, yes things would get bad at times, but i admired the maturity level of a few people at that time. I was learning how to not focus on people not liking me and was focused more on the Choir family on a whole. For the first time in my life i got a party, no it was never anything grand but i remember walking in a rehearsal to a beautiful cake, they had no idea what they had done for me, no IDEA whatsoever. Our Choir director at the time shared a special place in my heart because if it was not for the Push, and the brush ups, and the encouragement, kindness and Love shown towards me from this earth Angel, literally, then what would be the reason for me being alive again? smh. Not quiet remembering how i ended up in Paradise, but i found myself there and i was just too Happy, i was accepted in the home of a MIRACLE, and mind you, this change was what helped me to do my best in my CXCs. Of course crosses and tribulations appeared on my path of Change living in Paradise, but it was nothing my GOD couldn't fix.

I can remember on my last lap in High School some artiste visited my School, and students went wild. As i watched their performances that day, i day dreamed, i fantasised, i pictured me up there on the platform that day. I sighed and i said to myself, one day i will be BIG, one day i will be a STAR. I never had a clue i was heard, because before i even graduated Digicel Rising Stars happened. Some things had to change for me, as the man who sits high and look down low realized i needed the help me out, the deliverance from sticks and stones, the darts that were being thrown some way or the other, my self esteem needed to be lifted. I think GOD wanted to prove a point to all those who laughed at me, spoke down about me, did me wrong over all, he wanted those who fought against me to touch not the LORDS anointed.
My choir people must have gotten some extra love for me somewhere, because man they scratched cards untill they got tired in the auditorium, they told me, and continues to remind me lol, late one evening. They must have known i needed to taste the sweet. I had special love for "ALL" of them, to this day i am still appreciative, because if it were not for the events that were put on at school to raise funds for the purchasing of phone cards i still think i would have gotten a STRIKE OUT from the competition. Sometimes i even feel like they extorted a few jingles from pockets for my sake hahaha, those moments i still hold on to, to date.

The competition had snakes at my feet resurfacing again, i felt envy and saw envy on many faces. I got fearful again. I was so focused on those who i knew didn't like me to the point where it tampered with my Confidence so much on my stage shows. I remember after the competition was all over i made a mistake one day, and pulled a Rising Stars Top and bottom from my Suitcase Closet, yes that's what i said, lol. I decked out from head to toe, and as i came out of a cab and started walking up town, i heard laughing behind me, so i turned around, i just knew that laugh was meant for me, and i was so right. A group of women who were acting drunk, started talking on top of their voices, a weh she a go inna di rising star clothes, another said, gyal u win money go buy clothes, if i could sink i would have, i quickly made my way in hiding.

That same night i had a show in May Pen. I was nervous, as i knew i was not very well liked in my own Parish. I was scared as hell, my mind was up and down saying, lord jesus a nuff a me enemy dem suppose to ago deh deh eh nuh, lord god me naah go, me ago call di promoter an tell dem me sick, i was talked out of that eventually. It was show time and it was my time, and the nerve that was on me that night numb my entire body, bwoy all now i doah know how my TONGUE never numb to. But as i got the grand intro, i stepped on the stage the applauds were few, lips met ears, some faces had this look of constipation, some were sulking, some were hardly listening and at the front of the stage i saw my classmate and i felt relieved. As i sang i connected, i was in it to win it, i was singing my heart out, but the vast majority stood still. After realizing the reception was not good at all, i quickly asked for the last track and before i started the first lines my classmate started BOOING!!!! and Clapping me off the stage, eeehe eeeh come off now, come off now, come off now, yuh naah manage at all Jody (Giggled) Come dung man. I immediately forgot the lines to the beginning of the song, so i walked off the stage and said thank you.

I questioned what he did in my mind, i forgave him yet i still wanted to ask him why, i was curious, but i was afraid. It was probably a year or two later i decided it is the right time to ask him why he did it, and i was too late, i could not believe i was watching him being laid to rest.

The transition to a better life came quickly, i started doing small tours and multiple shows overseas, and out of nowhere even my worst enemies were congratulating me, sharing kind words, they are proud, and were wishing all the best in my endeavours. I smiled and i told GOD thank you, because life is just too short for us to not live in LOVE and exchange kind words for motivation, confidence boost to a person and upliftment. I now believe that the ones who we recognize as our enemies, really can change peoples outlook on life, for the better that is. God is truly amazing!! that is all i can say.

My journey after Digicel Rising Stars was a tough challenge, had Good in it but the BAD encounters has stand out more to me. The first show in the US was great, it was my first time to the United States of America, all went well and according to as planned. About 2 to 3 other shows after that visit went well also. Can you imagine i had 'White People" people who knew nothing about me, telling me how blown away they were by my voice, like how do you sound American when you sing, yet your language is different? some would say, i would listen to you over Rhianna, my mouth popped open and i was like get out of here, Jody did you hear that, you Can sing, all those years of people telling me i cant were forgotten. I got bookings for other events, wedding invites, maaaaannn!!!! was i happy.

Being in the Music Industry is not easy, never will be, it is no walk over especially if you have no devoted, truthful, willing, honest, determined, creative and interested foot soldiers and Management Team around you, No Man is an Island. If incompetency is found around you then that career you desire will be basically doomed. If the team around you has little knowledge about the tactics, strategies, Dos and Donts about this Music World, then hopes of becoming who you really want to be can might take a longer time than it is suppose to, my dreams of going places i wanna be, will not happen.

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