Dustry overflowing with lyrics

Rising dancehall/reggae artiste Dustry has released a new single, Home with Me, produced by the super international producer Jon Fx (Fx Music Group). This new release has captured the ears and attention of many as this song is mixed with dancehall - pop to create a rather unique blend of music. "I haven't received any negative response on this track from anyone who has heard it. Many females would tell me, yu full a lyrics and argument eeeehh!!" he said.

His supporting video for this song can be seen on his YouTube Channel and also on Hype TV.

Born Orane Heath in St Ann, Dustry has been able to captivate the attention of many and has received good reviews for his performances and recordings over the years.

He says: "My grandfather had a jukebox in his shop and we use to play it everyday and I would know most of the songs word for word. Normally on Sundays, at age 6, I would sit by the musicians Sunday and I was very fascinated by the sounds the instruments made and how they played them. I would often zone out into space when they played and I could see myself on a stage of some sort with screaming audiences."

Some of his releases include Can You Tease Me, Best Herbs, Give Me Your Loving and Platinum.

(To vote for Dustry to be featured on SunCity Radio's World Premier Tuesdays on October 20, log on to The Jamaica Star's Facebook page and like his video: Home With Me. Voting ends Monday, October 19 at 11 a.m.)

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