Dudsymil tells gold diggers to ‘Go Away’ in counteraction of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

by DRW

After Barbadian pop princess, Rihanna begged for him to stick around in her chart-topping single, Stay, up-and-coming Jamaican artist, Dudsymil has decided to put his spin on Rihanna’s smash hit, by telling all covetous women to just Go Away.

Paying homage to the Grammy-winning singer’s popular ballad, which features Mikky Ekko, Dudsymil has recorded a counteraction of sorts in this unofficial remix of the single. Go Away is designed to highlight women who use men for their own personal and financial benefits, taking advantage of their kindness to fulfill selfish desires.

The Toronto-based musician sums up the feelings of men everywhere who have suffered such a fate in the song’s chorus. ‘Mi nuh really sure how mi feel about it, dem nowadays gal too cold, makes me feel like seh mi doe worth it if mi doe put credit pon her phone.”

Dudsymil has released hiss new song, 'Stay' a flip of Rihanna and Mikky Ekko's number one hit.

This track is a proverbial 180 turn on Rihanna’s thought-provoking Stay, which tells the story of a genuine couple who cannot resist each other’s touch and passion despite initial hints of insecurity. Go Away is a flip of the original song, where Dudsymil calls out women who prey on men’s insecurities and cunningly use them to their advantage.

It perfectly aligns Dudsymil’s unique, baritone voice with the soothing effect of the piano play in Rihanna’s song; allowing the full range of his singing exploits to take shape and for his sound to strongly compliment the melodic background instrumentals, which will resonate well with his female fans.

Dudsymil has succeeded in pulling off counteractions of famed songs before, paying his respects to Bruno Mar’s Lazy Song smash with an unofficial remix, aptly titled, The Busy Song in 2011. The song got him some buzz on YouTube and the Toronto radio scene, in large part to DJ Wiz via CHRY 105.5FM.

Go Away is strictly a fun, yet deep compliment to Rihanna’s soothing track and is an anthem for men who have been burned physically, verbally and financially by women immersed in vanity.

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