Dancehall artiste Don Yute is Back with a Bang!

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Don Yute - Known for his creativity, charm, and forward thinking, Jason Andrew Williams, aka Don Yute, is back with a bang, not a whimper.

Crunching a new, infectious single entitled Bounce Bounce, dancehall's Golden Child, who has his own well-established label, is anticipating great things with what he has dubbed 'World Hop' music.

Asserting his presence again on Jamaica's landscape will perhaps prove a bit of a challenge for the dancehall visionary, who has been away from the local scene for a while, but Don Yute is one artiste who readily embraces a challenge - in fact, the bigger, the better.

"For the past couple of years, I have been in the States doing my thing musically, keeping abreast of what is happening, and seeing how best I can contribute to the overall development of Jamaica's music on a world level," he declared. "I have been making music and walking and selling my CDs/mix-tapes at the major shows, doing everything to get my name out there and to keep the creative juices flowing. It has been a wonderful learning experience, and the rewards have been to see my music used in video games and also in a movie."

All buoyed up and ready to rumble on this joint venture between Golden Child Music Group and Up Deh Productions' Tyrone Smith, Don Yute is travelling on a path that is stamped with success. The project will see an album, A Different Wurl, being released in 2013. currently, the artiste is enjoying favourable airplay with Bounce Bounce while preparing to shoot the accompanying music video.

Don Yute, who has done collaborations with top recording artistes including Lil Jon, Akon, Pitbull, and Sean Paul, has had one of his songs used in the movie Havoc, which stars elite Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway. He also had a song used by the NBA.

Now zooming his focus on home, the Kingston-born, Port Antonio-raised entertainer has assembled an expert team, which, he says, was the crucial missing link.

"I now have a team - which I didn't have before - and that synergy is making all the difference. I am still able to go off on my creative jaunts, but now, there is more accountability, more focus. We plan and we make things happen by design, not by chance," the multi-gold and platinum-winning artiste, songwriter, and producer stated.

Don Yute emerged on the dancehall scene as a unique figure who was neither a "rude yute" nor a "bad bwoy". Raised in Port Antonio in an educated family, he chose to pursue a dream normally aspired to by young boys in inner- city communities. Whereas these youth sought dancehall as a means to escape poverty and deprivation, Don Yute uses his deejay skills to satisfy his need to express his thoughts.

After gaining a reputation for his freestyles, a friend introduced him to Legend Disco. This proved to be just the opportunity that he needed. Don Yute's first single, Loving Excess, on the Pepper Seed rhythm, was released in 1993 for Dave Kelly. He quickly followed this with the successful hit Hardcore, produced by Steelie and Cleevie, and You Own The Man.

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