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DJ Rondon is considered to be New York's best DJ, Sound system and he also have the best Mixtapes in his state.

He started mixing in 2002 and has moved steadily gaining a lot of fans due to his high quality mixing and mixtapes which he releases monthly.

 It is reported that he sometimes released up to 60 mixtape/CDs per year.

Rondon puts his spin on everything from reggae, dancehall, reggaeton , and soca to rap, hip-hop and R&B. His most popular mixes are from the genres of Dancehall, Reggae, Culture Mix and Soca.

Operating under his World Beat International Sound system he is considered to be best the mixtape movement.

His hard work is now paying off. He was featured in the New York Times for his "Culture Mix 11" mixtape.

His mixing has taken him to places like, Norway and Ireland in Europe where he performed on sold out venues.

In 2008 he was crowned the Best Reggae DJ at the Justo's Mixtape Award show.

His top tapes/CDs are "Dancehall Reggae #49, Culture Mix 16 and Vocal/Singing Reggae #29".

I love to listen to good clean mixing..You can purchase his mixes by clicking on the link below.

Purchase mixtape and CD here..

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