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Nicholas “Dj Nicco” Green first acted upon his impulse to become a DJ at

age 9. Listening to the radio and using one turntable to scratch alongside the music on the radio. His charm earned him a name early on and at around age 11 his female friends began calling him “Nicco” dictating that he was a modern day Casanova and that he needed a name which fit.

Over the years he would follow the culture

eventually linking up with Revolution, Travelers Syndicate and a couple of other sound Systems that would allow him to watch and learn; “DJ Leftside started showing me a few tricks in his spare time and I began watching other DJs from a distance in order to learn other techniques.”

Sound Systems here and there all gave a hand in the building of his talent and radio played a huge part as well as his own research into the foreign aspect of actually BEING a DJ [Jamaica was more centered on how to be a selecta].

His charismatic personality along with his unique and somewhat intriguing style of entertainment have earned him quite a following and with some 6000 votes to his credit, Nicco was unbeatable at the 2006 Heineken Green Synergy DJ Finals in Jamaica where he demonstrated his prowess as a mix master with his on-mike antics, his scratch ability and a knack for knowing the right tune to select.

“What I try to do is blend all styles of the DJ in to one. I scratch, I interact with the crowd and I’m a selecta - this allows me to play anywhere in the world because the ability to adapt to my surrounds and not have a one track "my way or the highway" mindset. What sets me apart from the others is the fact that I entertain. Not just press play on a turntable or CD player.”

He was resident DJ at Margaritaville Mobay for many years and has shifted his focus to Radio and Freelance currently working at Fame FM tearing up morning radio every weekday monday to friday from 5am to 9am

Nicco has big things in store. A party is not a party unless DJ Nicco is involved....

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