Denny to the Fray talks safe sex

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TORONTO-BASED reggae rapper Denny to the Fray tackles the issue of safe sex on his latest single of the same.

The track, released May 14, is taken from his upcoming five-track EP TFP.

“The goal is to bring out in the open subjects people are uncomfortable talking about, like using protection when engaging in sexual intercourse. No one should be afraid to talk about sex. There are a million songs all about sex, but, unfortunately, not as many discuss what is appropriate and safe,” said Denny to the Fray, 34.

Safe Sex is co-produced by Mark “Zeej Maverick” Sterling and Denny Walcott.

TFP, which is earmarked for a June 30 release date, boasts tracks including Don’t Shoot, Safe Sex, Bobby, Four Four, and Keep Blazing 2.0.

A past student of Clarendon College, Denny to the Fray (given name Denny Fray Walcott) was born in Lionel Town in that parish.

At 12, he built a sound system and played at gigs throughout Clarendon. He migrated to Canada in 1997 where he studied law at Sheridan College. His recording break would come in 2013 with the release of Keep Blazing.

“I intend to leave a manuscript to living a positive, meaningful life with my music.

I want to educate our young people while entertaining them,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

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