DeeWunn Continues Rockin' Germany

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DeeWunn Continues Rockin' Germany - Reaching the halfway mark on his Germany tour, DeeWunn prepares for his final two shows in Monchengladbach and Aachen, Germany.

The tour has been a success so far, with a few shows postponed until his fall visit due to bad weather.

DeeWunn Continues Rockin' Germany

Receiving a great response from the clubs and fans a like, a promoter expressed his appreciation, commenting “Thanks for rocking my event!” on his social media page, with a picture of DeeWunn performing in front of a full club at Nachtflug in Cologne, Germany.

“From your phone you can only gage a song's popularity by numbers, in person, it’s about how many people know your song… Nothing can replace the feeling of a whole crowd singing along to your song.”

Between shows, DeeWunn has been able to both put in some work as well as enjoy the views and landscapes of the beautiful cities across Germany. The artist was seen in Dusseldorf, Germany in studio with popular club DJ, Ray G. {Ball Out, Cecile and Murda, Leftside} .

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