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Dane Ray - Five (5) years ago, I have had the pleasure of meeting a young and upcoming artiste which is artistically/reknown known by the name 'Dane Ray'.

During this period of time, I found him to be a creative, strong, easy going, virtuous, humble and self-motivated individual. 

Dane Ray has been doing music for the past 7 years. However, he began following his path in the music industry as a Music Engineer/Composer, producing reggae, dancehall and hip hop beats. Shortly after, he discovered another talent. He then began to work on his first single 'Lets Party which featured popular recording artiste Charly Black.

His interest, hard work and dedication and determination in the music industry gave him an extra push, and soon after, Dane Ray established himself as the Co-Owner, Engineer and Music Producer for one of the brightest young record labels in the industry, 'Gesta Music Records' alongside his counterpart Cruz Hova, known popularly for his expertise in Graphics and Website applications..

Dane Ray began working with a number of local artistes such as Demarco, Elephant Man, Deva Bratt, Versatile, Laden, Chino, Iyara,  Macka Diamond, Wasp among others and has produced popular riddims such as “Motivation riddim”, “Full Charge Riddim” and “Inna Di Club Riddim” , just to name a few.

Dane Ray has become known for his charismatic, fresh and melodious sinjay sound that will be remembered.   The fresh sound of Dane Ray is an alliance of Dancehall, R & B and Reggae components allowing him to break the language barrier  on the international scene.

Dane Ray is without a doubt one of the many uniquely-gifted and multi-talented upcoming artistes from Jamaica who have shown us that success is evitable with hard work.

Dane Ray : “This year is a make or break year for Gesta Music and for me as an artiste.We gonna go hard!”

Watch Dane Ray Videos Here:

Dane Ray- Pree Over Me-----http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZZMyM9yuJA

Dane Ray-Instrumental Rehearsal--------http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTadfon0-x4

Dane Ray- “Who is Dane Ray” Interview-------------http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGu_Xg8iGlI


Download Dane Ray Songs Here

Dane Ray – Pree Over Me-ATTACHED
Dane Ray- Hussle-ATTACHED

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