Dancehall song from 90s please help!!!!!

by Peter
(Los Angeles CA)

I have been trying to find the title and artist for a song that I had on an old mixtape lost a long time ago. Excuse me if I don't get the lyrics correct. I was certain that they song used the word God but now I'm wondering if it wasn't Jah. 20 plus years and all

Anyway the chorus I remember goes "in the name of the lord my god is real my god is real. God is the greatest yes he is the greatest he is the greatest of all say yes Jah is the greatest yes he is the greatest" something like that.

Can't get it out of my head I know it wasn't a huge hit but I remember hearing it on the Sunday night show on Hot 97.1 in NYC and dancing to it in a club in the Bronx (take 2 I f my memory is right)

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