Dancehall & Reggae Music education 101

by Necoflex

All artiste be aware that a manager MUST be able to propel your career to the level you desire.

A manager's role is to build,create,motivate,excel,brand and add substantial financial and moral value to the artiste's career.

A manager plays the key role in producing a song or album,ep or LP.

A manager isn't a musical producer in most cases but he or she should be able to allocate the rite productions & instrumentals for your vocals.

A manager is responsible for PR,Photo shoot,video shoot,press releases,interviews,bookings, as an artist only need to focus on making GOOD music!!

A manager is the driving force of your career so choose wisely & remember without the artiste there's nothing to manage!

Ps-do remember your music MUST be REAL good!!

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