Dancehall Music losing its place In Clubs and Parties.

Dancehall music is slowly taking a back seat in dancehall sessions, parties and night clubs.

Most DJs are now playing more Reggae, Hip Hop and Pop music at parties and dancehall sessions.

Well according to popular party selector DJ Carson,"Dancehall music is preaching too much violence".

According to Carson only the artists who are doing happy music are getting played at parties and in the dancehall sessions. Artists such as Popcaan, Aidonia, Vybz Kartel, Mavado and Ding Dong are at the top and are getting played because they are now doing less violent songs.

As the dancehall culture changes, patrons are now in the flossing mode. Its all about top shelf liquor. The liquors of choice presently are Hennessy, Ciroc, Moet and Apple Vodka.

The patrons buying these type of liquor don't want to hear any "BAD MAN SONG", they want to dance and enjoy themselves and thus, they prefer to listen to some Roots Rock Reggae, Pop or Hip Hop Music.

According to Carson the 1990s produced the best dancehall music.

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