Dancehall artiste Splinta Bullet makes 'Changes'

Sometimes you can't expect to keep banging your head against a wall, and expect a different result.

Then what do you do? Make Changes.

Just ask Alliance Next Generation artiste Splinta Bullet, who has rebranded his image, tweaked his music and hired a management team.

"Changes shows growth and maturity. every man have to look into his life and make it better, the necessary changes," he said.

Splinta Bullet has achieved immediate results with Changes, getting great airplay on IRIE FM, Suncity Radio, and a video directed by Robin Chin. It is also in heavy rotation on HYPE TV.

He is now being managed by world reknown musician Rayon 'Short Boss' Webb, former keyboardist for Luciano, Firehouse crew and Jah Messenjah band with Dean Fraser.

"We believe he has great potential and he can change the dancehall game," said Webb, founder and CEO of TriStudio Records in Linstead.

"We have more songs to be released, as well, as his EPK, all under TriStudio Records."

Splinta Bullet is gearing up for a major promotional push this summer.

Born Lancelot Bissick, on February 16, 1988, he was introduced at a tender age to music by his uncle, Richard Webb, aka Crystal Champagne. he got a big break in2006 when introduced to Bounty Killer by his friend, Galdiez, of Galdiez promotion.

He recorded songs such as Money Affi Mek, Round Town among others, and eventually joined the group ANG, he was given the name 'Splinta Bullet' by Bounty Killer.

He has since performed on shows and released singles, Air Force One and Rolling With The Entourage.

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