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Music has always been a major part of the life of MBLEM born Richard McCarthy.

From an early age, MBLEM has been surrounded with music. It is therefore not surprising that one of his hobbies is listening to music of all genres. His interest led to his learning to read music, playing the keyboard and writing his own music.

His analytical mind led to the development of a social consciousness which is reflected in his music. It seems only natural that he lists his sources of inspiration as Bob Marley, Buju Banton and Sizzla although he states “all forms and era of music are appreciated in more ways than one.”

His choice of name MBLEM signals his commitment to excellence and his intention to become a symbol of good music.

His signature slogan ‘Mafia’ has caught the attention of quite a number of listeners. Meaning family, the word mafia for MBLEM, symbolizes loyalty among people surrounding his career and life.

The development of his craft is as a result of his exercising due diligence in his writings and recordings thus ensuring that he only does quality music.

TROYTON MUSIC and ATTRIUM MUSIC are members of the Mafia family which shares MBLEM’s commitment to excellence and provides quality technical support. In MBLEM’s words, the synergy in the family “has made it easier to match instruments to poetry to create happy and meaningful music that will appeal to the world.”

MBLEM - emerging Singer/DeeJay is one to watch and listen to. His voice has a unique sound which will undoubtedly add flavor to reggae/dancehall music, and his two singles, recently released, Sweet Sweet Jamaica and The Serenity Prayer, have been receiving accolades from listeners locally and internationally.

Serenity Prayer, already a favorite world wide, pushed MBLEM ahead of a number of major names also featured on the rhythm Contagious, by Troyton Music. The track Sweet Sweet Jamaica has slowly been seeping into the spirits of people from both Canada and the UK, and is now generating a buzz within the US.

With tracks such as Real and Nah Switch, How Long (Troyton Music)

, All Affi Rise, Let Myself Go & More Life (Attrium Music)scheduled to see an official release this year, MBLEM’s career has caught the eye of many within the music fraternity; While his local live performances have been well received, generating much “forwards” and impactful interaction with the audiences.

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