Dancehall artiste Kaakie said "I'm Not Dead"!!

by DRW
(Jamaica & USA)



Kaakie has come out to refute rumours circulating in the early hours today that ‘she is dead’ barely 12 hours after she rocked stage on her campus, University of Ghana, Legon, at their ‘Hall Week Celebration’.

The rising female Ghanaian Dancehall singjay woke up this morning (Sunday, February 26, 2012) only to be hit by some unwelcome news that she has passed away. Swept swiftly by shock, the singer was alarmed at the rumour (which was silently spreading to the masses).

In a conversation with GHAMAICANS magazine, Kaakie says ‘there was nothing wrong with her and she was doing fine.’ Shocked at the entire hullaballoo, the youthful ‘chubby’ singer wondered why someone would concoct such a story about her.

“I was on stage last night to perform and returned safely back to bed. I wasn’t even fully awake when calls starting coming in to check whether I was alive. It is very unfortunate for someone to create such falsehood about. I have no idea who this person is but no matter what somebody tries to do to disturb my showbiz career will not work.

God is the only person who controls my life; these things would only make me stronger. May God forgive that person; they know not what they are doing. I have my music and my education as my biggest priorities now. I am too busy to worry over these things…” Kaakie corroborated.

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