Dancehall artiste Dimon Treajah 'Get Gal Easy'

Dancehall artiste Dimon Treajah has solidified a decent underground following in dancehall-reggae with his latest release, 'Get Gal Easy (Gal Settings)' which showcases his witty lyrics and unique flow.

The song, released on the Chase Mills Records label, has been getting a lot of airplay on HITZ, IRIE and ZIP and is now on major mixtapes in the Corporate Area.

"The song ah tek off really fast. Mi waan big up GT Taylor, Smurf, ZJ Ice, Gary Freestyle, and Troy, Garfield, Dalton and Roderick from HITZ, who ah give the song nuff airplay, mi phone no stop blow up when it a play. Trust me, I swear, da one ya gone," he said.

Dimon Treajah has also been making the rounds at street dances and is pleased with the feedback from selectors such as Little Richie, Ikel Marvelous, Flabba Dabba, Wessy Wessy, 6 Killa and Bumpy Cash.

"Mi inna the streets and it ah play, the song is an anthem inna Naggo Head and Portmore, Street Greg ah wire it inna the streets, big up the producer Claude Mills," he said.

Dimon Treajah recently released the video for his previous song, Wifey Compliment. Directed by Street Greg, it was shot in Runaway Bay and other sections of St Ann.

Done on the popular Intoxicated beat produced by Troyton Music, Wifey Compliment introduced the singjay to a stunning array of new fans.

He is scheduled to perform in Portmore on May 15 alongside Wasp and Teflon at Portmore Splash alongside Popcaan on May 30, and at Summer Rage in Portland on August 8.

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