Dancehall artiste D'Angel signs Recording Deal with Diamond Music Empire


International recording artiste D'Angel has inked a new management and recording deal with a US-based independent record label, the Diamond Music Empire, a move that she hopes will enhance her international profile and vault her career to the next level.

She inked the deal last week in the US, and her management team used the opportunity to organise a one-week press junket in New York where she made a number of radio promotional interviews, and did a pair of nightclub appearances. She graced the stage at the Sugar Mill Club in Brooklyn where she got a good reception for her hit songs, Downtown Girl and her recent top ten hit, Can't Love You Like Me.


While in New York, she logged several hours in a studio where she recorded three singles for her new label, namely the club-banger Hot Gal Anthem, the hard-hitting March Out and Gimme Di Money which resonates with a throwback mid-1990s dancehall vibe.

"I am excited about the prospect of working with Diamond Music Empire, my new management team believes in me, and together, I believe we can create a great synergy that can push my music to crossover in the US and worldwide markets. It has been an amazing journey so far," D'Angel said.

She believes that this move will provide the creative impetus to fine-tune her sound and redefine how she is viewed in the world of dancehall-reggae.

"My fans can look out for more songs and material in the dancehall-reggae genre as I will be sticking to my roots. But they can look out for more growth and maturity in terms of my music and live performances. I am still a downtown girl living an uptown life, but I am heading on a more international level now," D'Angel said.

Earlier this year, D'Angel published her first novel, Love Triangle, a book with a saucy title, but which took a complete 360 degrees turn from the tabloid fodder that has followed D'Angel's life for the past six years, and instead delved into some fictional world. The book did not do as well as anticipated because fans were eager for juicy tidbits from her personal life instead of some fictional account.

"The fictional novel was OK, but what people really want is an autobiography with the details of my life story, and that is coming. I am working on it now, the writing is going well, people are going to get what they wanted. Hopefully by next year, the book will come out," D'Angel said.

D'Angel will return to the island this week, however, she goes back to the US during the Summer where she will be doing a nine-show mini-tour, including the annual Caribbean Festival show at Six Flags Amusement Park in New Jersey in August.

The US-based Diamond Music Empire issued a statement regarding the new move.

"We recognise that D'Angel is a fantastic star, however, what we hope to do is rebrand and reshape her image, so people can see her as a musician and an artiste, instead of focussing on her as a controversial artiste.

So the focus will be on her music, we are going to be promoting D'Angel hard, plus we will be seeking to develop new talent in the future. We are going all out, after all, we are trying to build an empire," Nodette Mitchell, an A&R representative attached to the Diamond Music Empire, said.

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