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Dancehall Aerobics- Do you want to learn how to move to the latest dancehall and Reggae beats?

Well! this is the place to be...

Dancehall Aerobics is dance fitness class that combines old and new dancehall dance moves to the vibrant riddims of the dancehall into a fun and exhilarating workout.

Each dance moved is named and simplified for everyone to enjoy and learn!

Each class starts with a low impact dancehall workout, as the class progress the training increase.

Students will learn movements, routines, choreography as well as getting a total body workout.

This workout includes cardio endurance, resistance, flexibility, coordination and more.

Learn more about instructor Adina

In 2006 Adina graduated with her Bachelors in Business a minor in TV/Radio production. She then ventured off into different fields in the entertainment business such as modeling, acting and also played football for the Lingerie Football League.

Being in the entertainment industry Adina realized that people were seeking something different. Dancehall has become a favorite and has gain much popularity since Sean Paul and Shaggy came out.

The masses have gained an interest in the Jamaican culture and got very fascinated with Jamaican dance. If you look at most of the music videos, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciera and many more all of them has Jamaican influence.

Coming from a West Indian background, mother being Guyanese and father being Jamaican she wanted to do something that represents her culture. That’s when Adina and Pink decided to come up with Str8 Fram Yaad Dance.

With her business background and his dancehall background it only came natural to jump start Str8 Fram Yaad. Know people have a place where they can learn all the dance moves old and new, learn how to get the rhythm of the beat and also learn more about the Jamaican culture.

Adina is more of the fitness guru than a dancer, but love dancehall so she decided to combined both fitness and dancehall and came up with dancehall aerobics. Dancehall Aerobics is a fun workout that combines the rhymes of dancehall music and the dancehall dances to make a fun workout.

Dancehall aerobics has been getting really popular in NYC with many gyms requesting Adina to teach and people wanting private lessons.


What do you think about the dance moves?

Let the world know what you think about the dance moves being demonstrated in the videos. If you have a video with better dance moves send us the link and we'll post them.

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