Shine Bright like a Dymond (Disc Jock)

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For many aspiring Selectors, the road to success has not been an easy one and so it is for our very own “Chris Dymond”.

We know him as the Great and ever talented “Chris Dymond” but by birth is given Teon Christopher Bogle. For every event kept both in the Kingston and other surrounding parishes, the name “Chris Dymond” will appear because of his ability to be very good at what he does and also being a ladies favorite it has propelled his career into becoming and I quote “The Hottest DJ in Jamaica”.

Chris at a very young age developed a passion for Food Preparation and most of all music- the selecting and deejaying aspect of it. From the tender age of nine (9) years old, his grandmother used to send him to prayer meetings on a Friday evening but instead of going to church, he sneaked off to a nearby bar to play with a sound system there. Coupled with that experience and his exposure to music through his grandmother, who had numerous records which she played regularly, Chris attended Pembrook Hall Primary School where he was successful in the Common Entrance Examination from which he obtained a place at the Meadowbrook High School. It was during those years Chris started taking selecting seriously and upon completing high school, he started to juggle with a sound system. Each person that played on the (Third Element Sound) was given names to choose from such as Warlord, Don, Dymond etc and he chose “Dymond,” which he thought suited him well, hence the name “Chris Dymond”.

With the overwhelming response that he has been getting from Fans, Supporters and Friends, Chris is destined to be even greater than he is now. With the help and support of family and the natural determination he has to be very successful, and his new promotion team “Plushh Promotions” which is operated by Kimoye Thomas, he will definitely keep climbing that ladder of success. In his career field there are many that are just as talented as Chris, but with the respect shown by other selectors as well has his charismatic personality and charm is just few of the things that set him apart from the rest. If you were not one to actually sit and listen to mix tape, I guarantee that after listening to one of “Dymond’s” mix you will be hooked!

Teon is not only a man of Music and Culinary expertise but he has a very giving and huge heart. He is one of the very few selectors that have ever done anything charitable another rare gift that has also allowed Chris to truly shine bright like a Dymond. He was featured in the local News Papers as well as several online websites for his generous donation to a needy family who I am sure prayed and asked god for a miracle. That miracle, there miracle was Chris and without a second thought he knew that it was the right thing to do. This shows that he is not only an unselfish individual but it shows that Chris will not only shine in music but he will forever shine in our hearts.

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