Choozen and Taylor Made Events at Odds!


Dancehall artiste Chozenn and Taylor Made Events seems to be at odd after its alleged that Chozenn owed the company for worked done for him.

This is Taylor Made Events side of the story

Dancehall artiste Chozenn sought the service of my company Taylor Made Events on Feb 13 to create a television advertisement for his event Clarendon Seafood Festival.I gave him the advertisement for $15,000.00 instead of the $30,000.00 it would have cost seeing that he would receive this in a day or two. Chozenn 'begged' me to allow him to pay after the event as he was pressure; as a young woman coming up in entertainment and seeing his struggles to make it as an artiste and promoter I agreed to this term.....

Today is the 5th of May 2013 and I have been unable to pay my employees because Chozenn has decided not to pay. He has asked me on several occasions to meet him at places so he could pay and then he would cancel at the last minute. On May 7, 2013 Chozenn asked me for a link to Hype TV to premiere his video, even with everything and all he owed me, he pleaded that he would pay me the following day as he finally received some money so I gave him the numbers to call and he secured his interview. On May 8, 2013 I called Chozenn and he ignored me, I messaged him on BlackBerry Messenger where I became very expressive and projected to him I would take this to the media, he responded by sending:
"Remember a "ONE" Link, u smart no go loud up supm eh and as me say tomorrow......"
He then sent to a friend of mine who asked about it why he was withholding my funds and he wrote:
"......hear wah seen if she cyan wait until tomorrow mek she release the article and Spanish Town release some too......"

I have not released any money from Chozenn to this date except these threats.
Jamaica is in a very bad economic state right now. I choose to start a business to build myself as a young person in the industry. I am a very multi-faceted individual and I try to get involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry but how can I grow if persons in this very industry try to hold me down. We tell ourselves that we are role models and that we want to be 'big' or the 'next big thing' but we become rotten in our thoughts, words and actions. Have we all forgotten our Morals?

Chozenn side to the story!

Update on the story earlier about dancehall artiste/Promoter Chozenn.

As promise here is what Chozenn has to say about the issue between him and the production company who claim that he owed them $15000.

I contacted him after receiving the story that he threaten the owner and refused to pay for work done for him.

The artiste said that the owner of the company have many personal issues and he has no intention of re broadcasting or to be in any back and forth with her.

Chozenn said that he can bash her if he want, but he won't. According to him she is just looking a nine day hype. But he has nothing against her.

The voice note which was sent to us here at dancehall Reggae World did not mention anything about the funds which he is accused of owing.

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