Cherine Anderson You And Me Against The World lyrics


Mek dem talk!
Could he be cheating?
Should I really leave him?
Cause I won’t be the kinna chick to leave my man
Because jealous lips wanna say so (sh-t)
You say it’s all a lie
They don’t wanna see you and I
Together, baby

[Verse 1:}
You say you need me, you adore me
You’ve never ever had a woman who was like me
I’m the soldier guard the door to your heart
You say they’re crazy
Don’t let them phase me
They don’t what to see us young and happy
Dem Like a misery, dem want fi mess up a good thing

{Pre chorus:}
Some say you’re right for me
Some say I’m so deep I can’t see
I know how I feel, this love is for real

It’s you and me against the world baby
They say that you’re no good for me
But they don’t rally know you
Baby you and me against the world baby
Just look into my eyes, tell me that they’re lies
Will you fight for our love?

{Verse 2:}
You’re not a saint and I’m no angel
I know you got some dirt under the rug baby
And I trust that you will never disrespect me
(No, no, no, no, no, no)
Let’s get this straight, I don’t share
I want every part of you and baby then some
See this girl hun; I don’t give my love half-way

{Repeat Pre Chorus}
{Repeat Chorus}

Verse 3:
All my ladies, if your man treats you good
Put your hands up
Build you up when you’re down
Ladies, let me hear you say
Me love my man and I love my baby
Soldiers does she stand by your side
Hell yea, she right on time for you
Soldiers, let me hear you say
I love my baby

{Repeat Chorus}

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