Started singing at age nine. At York Town Primary School in the Parish of Clarendon in Jamaica, that's where the music started.

Won many cups, medals and certificates in School Festivals. Sang as solo, quartet and choir. In High School, went on to form band after very early xposure to live band concerts and stage-shows.

First band with Gary Cooper-guitar, Byron Burrell-bass, Loren Griffiths-keys, Beaver-drums, Mikal Russel- singer, Everett Cooper and the Descants-singers, Sunsi Black and the love threes-singers, Dave Richardson-singer. We did clubs, tea-parties, school concerts and stage shows.

The name of the band was SOLID EARTH. We backed singers like Culture,Mighty Diamonds, General Trees etc. I attended Glenmuir High School at the time. Transferred to a different High School called St.Elizabeth Technical (STETHS). Joined the Mighty STETHSONS band a very formidable school band led by a teacher called Mr Laden. Ine Kamoze attanded the same school at the time By this time I was fast becoming acquainted with many people and broadened my my musical scope to self teaching piano,drums,bass,and guitar.

After leaving school I also became Jamaicas' first Doctor titled rapper (dj) and was a very good selector as well..Those were the days of Mikey Dread and Ray-I. Worked beside, Johnny Ringo, Welton Irie,Principal Grunde, Sugar Minott, Ricky Tuffy, Coco Tea, The Maytones, The Claredonians, The Ethiopians Toots Hibbert,Rex Hibbert, Sunny Bradshaw Seven.

Early Dean Frazier, Glen Washington and many many more. I reside in England, coming and going since 1987...went to Japan, Tokyo, with JAMAKA band 90-91 three months, based at a club in Ruppongi called 'Hot Crocket'. as singer and keys. Started my first album at that time... sold 4,000 copies on vynl, album called DR.DEAN-I HEAD START. second album 1996, called Dr.Dean-I and Lethal Weapon band..REGGAE MOOD...sold 4200 copies... Had put together a few bands over the years and performrd in Pubs, Clubs, Halls, Beaches, Parks, Private parties etc.

Trafik Jam, City Heat, City Inferno, Solid Earth, Lethal Weapon, to name few....My band is now called SHOCKWAVE EMPORIUM...It basically is an orchestra of 15 members but can be reduced to a safe 8 or 10 to maintain my music. The members are hired when needed and are available from a clique of top players that makes themselves be availed to me because they love my music and my point of view also my production skills.

I never fished for a deal ever but always wished for a team of like minded people to work with me....Because of producer,singer,writer and musician Paget King, I met Kevin who along with Paget are the auspices of Mr late Junior Delgados INCREDIBLE MUSIC Co. Paget was a keyboard player with me some time before and we had produced 360 original material of all genres of music together 1996 but my home went up in flames 97 and I lost everything.

Kevin and Paget lost Junior and they found me. I have 22 albums at this time...ska, jazz, dancehall, hiphop,RandB,roots,dub, instrumental,and classical reggae which is my favourite... My album 'NEW SONG' is a classical classic. I know that with the right help...I am just what the world's been waiting for...so by the grace of Haile Selasi-I JAH Rasta Far I, Look out world here I come.

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