by DRW




01 -Pebbles- Intro 00:16
02 -Mavado 01:58(Gully Bomb Riddim)- Nuh Fraid A Dem
03 -Chase Cross- Can?t Stop Us 00:51
04 -Bugle- There for You 01:00
05 -Laden & Flexx- Still Hot 01:00
06 -Kibaki- Guide Us 01:00
07 -Mavado & Flexx 01:20(Rail Up Riddim)- Wine Up Yuh Body
08 -Charley Black- Bad Man Nuh Bleach 01:01
09 -Sunshine- Nuh Let Mi Guh 00:51
10 -Cecile- Mi Tek Yuh Man 00:54
11 -Bounty Killer & Doolas- Not Scared Enough 01:14
12 -Bounty Killer- Sieze Fire 01:14
13 -Beenie Man 01:03(Caribbean Girl Riddim)- Come form
14 -Busy Signal- Move on 00:48
15 -Agent Sasco- She Gone 01:17
16 -Konshens- Gal Dem Alone 01:04
17 -Charly Black- Cool & Deadly Wine 00:53
18 -Qq- Wine Your Waist 00:36
19 -Tony Matterhorn- Move Your Body 01:25
20 -Tony Matterhorn 01:13(Meato Riddim)- Wifey Vs Matey
21 -Agent Sasco- Prettiest Thing 01:37
22 -Tony Matterhorn 01:13(Tsunami Riddim)- Wah Come Fuck
23 -Kibaki- Hands Up 00:45
24 -Delly Ranx- Always Have A Condom 00:53
25 -Bugle- We Know We Friends 01:27
26 -Gappy Ranks- Tsunami 01:29
27 -Vybz Kartel 01:46(Exit 21 Riddim)- Get Gal Fi Free
28 -Singing Sweet- Your Love 01:06
29 -Mr. Lexx- Nutten Nah Gwan Fi Dem 00:38
30 -Mr.Easy- What A Girl 00:44
31 -Jagwa-Your Body 00:47
32 -Jagwa- Gal Ah Get Dagga 00:31
33 -Demarco- Turn Him Out 00:49
34 -Beenie Man- No Where to Run 01:11
35 -Mavado 02:01(Street Swag Riddim)- When the Eden Rise
36 -Elephantman- Haffi Get Touch 01:16
37 -Singing Sweet- Look Good 00:57
38 -Tnez- Cyaa Mad Me 01:18
39 -Ft Pritti Kitti Beenie Man- Suga Plum 01:15Plum
40 -Charly Black 00:53(Split Personality Riddim)- Me Nuh Fraid
41 -Future Fambo- Never Sober 00:38
42 -Gwhizz- Night or Day 00:40
43 -Khago- Nah Sell Out Pt2 01:24
44 -Tony Matterhorn- Barrow U Nuh Beg 01:12
45 -Serani- 1st Anniversary 01:07
46 -Mavado- Pon Di Ting 01:18
47 -Mavado (Smokin Riddim)- Stulla 01:33
48 -Sean Paul- Turn Me on 02:17
49 -Vybz Kartel- Dumpa Truck 02:07
50 -Tony Matterhorn- Blackberry Pin 00:47
51 -Beenie Man- Greatest Gyal Inna Di World 01:01
52 -Elephant Man- Stepova 00:56
53 -Chino- No Styling 00:28
54 -Mr. Vegas- Cover Girl 01:07
55 -Vybz Kartel- No Robbery 01:51
56 -Vybz Kartel- She Wah More 01:29
57 -Mavado- Jah is Comin Soon 01:55
58 -Vybz Kartel 02:06(Blood Shed Riddim)- Me Bible Deh Near Me
59 -Serina- Let Play 01:09
60 -Pressure- They System 00:50
61 -Ras Goodie- Wah Dem A Go Do 00:52
62 -Mavado- When You Feel Lonely 02:16
63 -Vybz Kartel- Mi Beat Up Di Pussy 01:04
64 -Vybz Kartel 01:02(Conception Riddim)- Making A Baby
65 -Dosa Medicine- Show Me 00:34
66 -Sheba- Pap Dung Man 00:35
67 -Shawn Storm- Oh O Oh O 00:40
68 -Gaza Slim- Mah Gi Yuh Bun 00:46
69 -Merital- Guh Dung 00:45
70 -Popcaan- Different 01:42
71 -Versatile- Woman Mi See 00:33


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