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Dancehall/Reggae artiste Advance


Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Song Writer and Music Producer Advance, also the 1st nephew of legendary dancehall artiste Bounty Killer, says his motivation comes from his mother, God Almighty, his life lessons learned, and from the harsh realities of life,that we all face in this world today.

Advance is inspired musically by his uncle Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, & Sizzla kalonji.

Born Omar David Williams on March 18,1984 and raised alongside His Grand father,Mr Basil Price,
His Grandmother,Mrs Ivy Williams, four aunts,two uncle´s and a lot of Cousins, He was the only Child for his mother, Sophia Sandy Price ,who Raised her Son all by herself as a Single Mom.

Despite the harsh Reality of Advance not having a Father to Grow up With, He Maintained a positive influence threw out his community of Seaview Gardens.

Advance´s first exposure to the Jamaican Culture of Reggae/Dancehall music, was back in 1993, in Seaview Gardens, at the making of "Shabba Ranks, ting a ling music video, which Advance Was only 9 years old at that time, When he Found his First Love for the music.

Growing up around the music in the 90´s Advance would oftenly sit down for hours,Everyday listening to the Radio, and memorising all of his favorite artistes lyrics, and applying his own words to the beats.

while attending seaview Gardens Primary school, at that point, Advance have already had his very own lyrics book,filled with original songs, that he has Written, and ever so often, at break times of lunch periods, Advance and a group of his friends would gather together around in a circle, within the School yard, where they would do the beep bop, for instruments, and beat the dest for riddim, while allowing Advance to take center stage,to perform for the audience, thats when he earned his very first encore, that made him realized he possessed immense vocal ability and talent.

In his early teens of Growing up in Kingston Jamaica, moving between the garrison communities of Jungle, Tivoli Gardens, Callaloo Bed, Riverton and Seaview Gardens,volatile environments that continues to inspire his gritty lyrical depictions.

As a student Advance would save his lunch money to buy cassettes and Cds of popular music, from great musicians,Such as, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Sizzla Kalonji, 2pac, Biggie Small, Jay Z and Eminem.

At nights, Advance Would oftenly snuck out of his house to hear such preeminent sound systems such as, Stone Love, Cornerstone, Renaissance and Bass Odyssey, fascinated by the deejays’ voices that boomed through the towering assemblage of speakers, Advance made the requisite links with several sound systems in hopes of becoming a recording artist and gained a modicum of studio experience voicing dub plates For Sound Systems all over the World.

“Getting into the studio to do my first recording, I linked up with Dj Kareem of Stainless Records, and SupaHype of 007 Records, then it was just on the rise from there,” Advance recalls.

“I was trying to learn, trying to get it in the right context, melody, the verses, trying to know what is a hook,the importance of breath control, metaphor and word play,just trying to get better at my Craft, and moving towards what I want to be in life.”

Advance took a Bold step towards reaching his goals with the release of his first 2 single´s
and music video “Never Fear Dem, which is Produced by Tiger Records, and Bommaz, which is produced by Tibel Smith, Wayne Smith son, Never Fear Dem/Bommaz official Music video was shot in jamaica and directed by Endless, in 2005 which was a great Success, and got over several hits on all Tv stations both Locally and internationally.

In 2006, Advance Was given the opportunity to go on the United states tour with his uncle Bounty Kiiler And it was there and then that this young man decided his destiny. However, upon his return to jamaica Advance´s Mother had other plans for him as she envisioned him as being an electrician.

Hence, right after high school he was sent to the HEART Academy in Portmore St. Catherine to learn electrical engineering. Being a son who was bent on pleasing his mother, Advance obediently went to Heart.

However. to execute his own dreams he spoke to his grandmother, Mrs Ivy Williams which his the mother of legendary dancehall/reggae artiste Bounty Killer, and with her help and his lunch money Advance attended vocal lessons after school and visited the studio, ever so often to gain as much experience.

He Said Miss Ivy Was Very encouraging, as she said that if she had not facilitated her son´s dreams, then the world would not have gotten the privilege to enjoy a Bounty Killer, so for this Reason i open my heart to Advance ",Miss Ivy Said. When asked Advance, about his music and how it has moulded him as a person, this is what he had to say, my music is very personal, it speaks to who i am as a person: loving, jovial, spontaneous, and creative, with positive messages all of which depicts my true life experiences, which included those persons to whom i have experienced them with.

The greatest reward for me is to see the reaction towards my music, the smiles, the tears and the joy that my music has bestowed on people, from all over the world".

His Mother Sophia Sandy Price, died on January 31, 2011, and he thought he would not be able to go on.

However, surprisingly each time he feels like stopping, it is her voice and her words that propel him to push forward. Advance Said, My mother has taught me so much, and through my music, i will express the values that she has instilled in me to the World.

However, Advance intimacy for the music industry has grown over the years,by Traveling alongside his uncle Bounty Killer, opening shows for him in different Countries all across the World and having a front Rowe seat of seeing his Uncle Dominate the industry, has gain him a lot of experience.

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