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Meet Roots Reggae artiste Khalilah Rose
January 30, 2013

Greetings to all, I'm happy to have all of you as supporters & subscribers to my site, you are more than listeners, fans or contacts, my site is a piece of my life so you are classified as that too...a part of my

I build on honesty & good music,put God first & all others second.

Today I am honored to introduce to you an artiste I've been listening & watching for a few months,to me she's more than an artiste....better words are an Ambassador or a Messenger but however I'm thrilled to be involved with her movements globally...

Some of you may have seen her here on Dancehallreggaeworld or heard her on the local radio but KHALILAH ROSE is deliver to us "good soulful real positive Roots Reggae"

I would like for you to take a listen to her new single "Not Giving Up" and you will automatically be a supporter & rebel with a good cause!

I've attached the song but also on the links below please visit for more FREE music & past and future tour dates.

Read More about Khalilah here on

Khalilah has one of the most watch video on the island of Jamaica and she is gaining traction in the US, Europe and Africa.

Click here to Watch Khalilah Rose Hail H.I.M

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