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Newsletter, Issue #021 ---- "Don't mix up Spanner" and more.......
December 23, 2012

Thanks to you our valued visitors/fans for being with us yet another year.

We hope that this season be one of hope, peace, love happiness and family togetherness.

We look forward to your continued support for the coming year.

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Jamaican Christmas Music

Jamaican Christmas Music..Many of the traditional Christmas songs dancehall and reggae music carols can be heard on the radio across the island at Christmas time.

As usuall, Jamaicans have to put their own spin and meaning to traditional songs and creating new songs.

Some songs are done in the native language patois, which creates or excites the mood even more.

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"Spanner Banner hits back"


Reggae artiste Spanner Banner has denied dating his manager Suzie Q, following allegations made by fellow reggae artiste Mr Absolute that his marriage has crumbled because of Spanner Banner and Suzie Q's personal relations.

According to a seemingly humble Spanner Banner, he is focused on positivity and does not want his name to be embroiled in a scandal.

"When I go on the street people a sey Spanner Banner how come yu mash up di man life and I am not a home wrecker. So I want people to know that it is nothing like that," he said.

The artiste also explained the reason for the speculations.

"What happen is that Miss Suzie Q signed a management and recording contract with me and we started working, recording and doing some videos. In about three weeks into the process, I began hearing allegations because people might have seen us in the studios together. Then Mr Absolute called me and asked about it. I told him straight up that I did not want to get in their personal life because I signed a management deal and not a soap opera," Spanner Banner said.

The reggae artiste disclosed that each time he tries to push his career in a positive path, he is faced with obstacles.

"I am not a passa passa artiste, but whenever I try to push my career some demon always come up as a detractor. I was tempted to break out of the contract but I was advised not to do so," he said.

Spanner Banner is currently promoting new singles Raise of Pay and Happiness. He is also expected to embark on a tour in 2013 and will debut a new album.

"My fans just know that Spanner Banner is a reserved and positive person. Don't let anybody twist your mind into negativity." Spanner Banner also had a warning for Mr Absolute.

"Leave mi name offa dem mix up deh. Mi naah mix up nuh man, suh mi nuh waah nuh man mix mi up. Mi nuh inna nuh talking wid nuh man, mi wi mek mi lawyer duh di talking," he said.

Busy Signal Video - "Artiste"

This is the official video for Busy Signal's single "Artiste".

The track is produced by Turf Music.

Director for the video is Dameon Gayle

watch video here....

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Sunday, December 23 Xtreme Motor Sports, USA vs Jamaica Clarendon Bike Riders presents Xtreme Motor Sports, USA vs Jamaica. Music by No Limit and ZJ Ice. Cost:$1,000 adults, $200 children @ Main Street, Hayes, Clarendon Time; 9:00 pm

Slip N' Slide Slip N' Slide, Inclusive Wata Party. Music by Ikel Marvlous, DJ Squeak, G Hype, Wessy Wessy, DJ Damion and Gud Mawning. Cost:Early bird $1,000, $1,200 presold, $1,500 at the gate @ Eastern Peace Centre, 121 Windward Road, Kingston Time: 9:00 pm

S.O.B, Sexy On D Beach Bling Team Entertainment presents S.O.B, Sexy On D Beach. From 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Music by Hyperactive Sound Station, Richie Feelings, Ashile and DJ Mad1 Prince. Featuring Konshens. Cost:$1,000 pre-sold, $1,500 at the gate, women two-for-one before 5 p.m. @ Island Village Beach, Ocho Rios, St Ann Time: 2:00 pm

R.e.d Invitation only. Venue:To be announced Time: 9:00 pm

Marco Polo, The Water Colours Edition Lawless Events presents Marco Polo, The Water Colours Edition. From 4 to 10 p.m. Music by DJ DNA, Chromatic, ZJ Sparks and ZJ Chrome. Cost:N/A @ The Paint Factory, New Kingston Golf Academy, New Kingston Time: 4:00 pm

Daydreams Time: 11:00 am @ Solaris Estate, St Thomas

Annual Black and White Grand Affair Young Cat Promotion presents Annual Black and White Grand Affair. Music by Rebel T and Travellers Disco. Featuring Popcaan, Tommy Lee and others. @ Campden Crescent, Maverley, Kingston 20 Time: 9:00 pm

Monday, December 24 Upgrade Heavy Hand presents Upgrade. Music by Young Fresh, Ranger Force and Price International. Cost:$300 Time: 9:00 pm Venue:2 Quake Sports Bar, Papine Square, St Andrew

Renaissance Annual All-White Party Time: 9:00 pm @ Caymanas Polo Club, St Catherine

Tuesday, December 25 Revolution Time: 10:00 pm @ Club Privilege, New Kingston

A-List Time: 9:00 pm @ Hope Gardens, St Andrew

Wednesday, December 26 Fashionably Sexy God of Grace Promotions presents Flexy Fresh Birthday Bash, Fashionably Sexy. Music by Ranger force, DJ Roy and Joe Frazer. Time: 8:00 pm Venue:Violet Bank, St Andrew

Christmas Comedy Cook-up Featuring Blakka Ellis, Ity and Fancy Cat, Rohan Gunter, Leighton Smith, Rozah Roze Kathy ‘Tandehdeh’ Grant, Miss Kitty, Dwight Ross, Trixx, Trevor Eastmond and Keesha Brownie. Time: 7:00 pm Venue:Wyndham Kingston hotel, New Kingston

Friday, December 28 U.B. Cruzin Time: 6:00 pm Cost:$500, women free @ Caribbean Queen, sailing from Victoria Pier, Kingston

Twisted Spiritz Time; 10:00 pm @ Caymanas Polo Club, St Catherine

Robeson Re-Explored An Evening with Willard White, Robeson Re-Explored. Time: 7:00 pm @ Jamaica College Auditorium, Old Hope Road, St Andrew

Memba Dis, Red & Green Bash Fire presents Memba Dis, Red & Green Bash. Music by Nite Rider, Spready Glory and Metro Media. Time: 9:00 pm @ The Cribs, Lower Maryland, St Andrew

Saturday, December 29 Yush Time: 9:00 pm @ National Indoor Sports Centre, St Andrew

The Special Stone Love 40th Anniversary Party, The Special. Cost:$600 presold, $800 at the gate @ D'Entrance, Constant Spring Road, St Andrew Time: 9:00 pm

Suits, Dresses and Boots Container Boss Ian presents Suits, Dresses and Boots. Music by the Uncontainables and MEJ Time: 9:00 pm @ Regent Street, Denham Town

Clean Everyday Clean Everyday, Red Carpet Affair. Music by Tech-Tris. Time: 9:00 pm @ Club Afrodiziac, Portmore Town Centre, St Catherine

Back On My Feet Again Back On My Feet Again, Pool Party Style. Music by Popular Sound. Time: 9:00 pm @ Olympia Crown Hotel, 53 Molynes Road, St Andrew

Sunday, December 30 The Butterfly Effect Skillz Incorporated presents The Butterfly Effect, Beach Party. From 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Music by ZJ Ice, ZJ Dymond, Ashile, JJ Wizzle, Dymanite Sound. Cost:$500 Time: 9:00 pm @ D'Shore, Port Maria, St Mary

Robeson Re-Explored An Evening with Willard White, Robeson Re-Explored. Time: 7:00 pm @ Half Moon Conference Centre, St James

Magnum Galiday Bounce Featuring Bounty Killer, Mavado, Sizzla, Gyptian, I-Octane, KipRich, Konshens, Aidonia, Chuck Fenda, Khago, D'Angel, Macka Diamond, Harry Toddler, Specialist, Charly Black, Flexxx, Kibaki, A.N.G., Dolla Koin & Prince Pin, Iba Mhar, Zamunda, Raine Seville, Stacious, Mikeylous, Villa Dutch, Ishawna, Melloquence and others. Music by Stone Love, Foota Hype, Boom Boom, Gary Chucks, Ali Patch, Rolexx and others. Cost:$1,000 general, $1,500 VIP, $2,500 backstage @ Windalco Sports Complex, Ewarton, St Catherine Time: 8:00 pm

Monday, December 31 Xclusive NYE Time: 9:00 pm @ Hope Gardens, St Andrew

I Wish Stummpy British presents I Wish. Music by Epic Squad, Joe Frazer and Quality International. Cost:$300 Time; 10:00 pm @ Quake Night Club, Papine, St Andrew

Tuesday, January 01 Soak Streets Entertainment presents Soak, Bikini Fest. From 4 p.m. to midnight. Music by Coppershot, Kurt Riley, Illusion and Hyperactive Sound. Cost:$2,000 presold, $2,500 at the gate @ Paradise Cove, Ocho Rios, St Andrew

Wednesday, January 04 Bottle Pon Bottle Buju and Tall P present Bottle Pon Bottle. Music by Fire Links, Foota Hype, Boom Boom, Chris Dymond and Movie Star Johnny. Cost:$1,000 Time: 8:00 pm @ Oneil's Place, Hagley Park Road, St Andrew

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