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Newsletter, Issue #020 --- Tommy Lee & Bounty Killer Square off, and More....
November 08, 2012

J'can entertainers give OBAMA thumbs up Source:b The Jamaica Gleanor

Minutes after United States President Barack Obama was re-elected, scores of Jamaican entertainers took to social media to show their approval.

Jamaican entertainers have typically sought to keep their political allegiances private.

But 12 minutes after CNN projected an Obama victory at 11:18 on Tuesday night, selector-turned-deejay Tony Matterhorn took to Twitter to join in the excitement.

"I'm finally gonna get a nice job cuz [because] I did the last minute campaign for the boss, OBAMA!," Matterhorn tweeted.

In the days leading up to the elections, Matterhorn had been urging his fans in the US to go out and vote for Obama.

"Me thing tun up ya now, LOL," he added.

Soon after, it was reggae crooner Jah Cure who made it clear he was "very happy" about Obama's victory.

"President Obama wins re-election! I'm very happy abt this," Jah Cure tweeted.

Even the warlord, veteran deejay Bounty Killer, was quick to jump in.

"Black people a we run the world and its evident we a move from slavery to president," he tweeted at 11:48 p.m.

Since his historic win in 2008, Obama has remained popular among Jamaican entertainers, some of who have recorded songs hailing his rise from a little-known senator in the state of Chicago to becoming America's first black president.

And ironically, one of the most bizarre requests posted on the social media site immediately after Obama's victory was on behalf of a Jamaican entertainer.

"Mr Obama, congratulations on your victory!! Now that you have won a second term, can you please Free BUJU," read the tweet posted by @FreeBujuNow.

Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Anthony Myrie, is serving a 10-year prison sentence in Florida following his conviction on drug-related charges.

The memories the odd request would have brought to the fore did not stop dancehall sensation Popcaan from saying "A di whole place a say @BarackObama... #TR888 #TR888 #TR888.

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Artist of the week

"KipRich, Leftside go viral on YouTube"

Source: The jamaican Star

Controversial picture draws over 30 million views

Dancehall artistes KipRich and Leftside collaborated for a single called Yu Wah Sound Like Me in 2007, in which they imitated dancehall artistes Zebra and Tiger, who were feuding over similarities in deejay styles.

The song was largely seen as comedic with KipRich and Leftside taking jabs at Zebra's rape charges and Tiger's bike accident. However, five years later, due to an explicit eye-catching YouTube picture thumbnail, the song now has over 30 million views and counting.

The song and picture was uploaded by an anonymous YouTuber who goes by the name spyrotek2000, and depicts a tiger climbing on the back of a zebra while the music is being played in the background.

Viewers have clicked on the video on numerous occasions, which could arguably be credited to the act being performed by the two beasts. However, KipRich believes it is a mixture of both the controversial image and the song behind it.

"The zebra and tiger thing draw attention to it, but mi know a nuh only slack people pree the video. At the same time dem cudda click off but dem like the actual song that's why dem keep going back to listen to it," KipRich said.

The deejay revealed that he misjudged the potential of the video in its early stages. However, now he is pondering possible ways of gaining financially.

"I saw it from it was at three million views and I never made an alarm, I never took it serious, then I noticed that it went to 10 million and I called Leftside and a sey wi must find a way to get a thing from YouTube. But a nuh we upload it, so that is the problem, so we need to get the publisher to find the person and sort that out. The song is a humour song and wi get more views than the real Tiger and Zebra," KipRich said.

Controversial nature

KipRich also expressed that his strange online fortune has taught him more about marketing strategies. He also says regardless of the controversial nature of the picture, he would not change it.

"When you are marketing you have to use a unique strategy, because look how one still picture with a song can get over 30 million views," he continued.

"I wouldn't change the video clip because it works. A lot of persons who heard the song wouldn't have got the chance to do so ... 30 million views is a lot that, we must find some more creative ways to upload songs and get more views," he said.

Amid the 30 million views, the video clip has over 17,000 dislikes and over 4,000 likes. Many viewers have labelled the picture as being misleading while others are firmly in defense of the song and video clip.

"THUMB THIS UP, go to the flag and click on it then click on misleading thumbnail," one irate viewer said.

While another viewer in defense of the song and picture responded by saying, "It's not misleading whatsoever. It's a tiger attacking a zebra. If you knew anything about the song you would see how it is relevant. It's ok though, I'll leave this reply here so that your attention seeking post is at the top so that you get the thumbs up that you so crave," the other viewer said.

"Tommy Lee, Bounty, square off in Riverton ?"


Rival dancehall artistes Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee Sparta have denied allegations that there was a fight between them in Riverton City on Tuesday night.

It is alleged that during Tommy Lee's performance of the song Goat Head at the City Jam stage show, Bounty Killer took offence and in a rush to the stage to defend himself, he was intercepted by members of Tommy Lee's security personnel.

The STAR contacted Keona Williams, publicist for Tommy Lee Sparta, and she countered rumours that Tommy Lee was physically abused by members of Bounty Killer's entourage.

No physical altercation

"Tommy Lee was performing his set and doing well and people were loving him in Bounty Killer's community. When he sang the song about Goat Head, Bounty felt offended and members of his entourage rushed the stage to defend Bounty but it was squashed by Tommy Lee's security personnel. So there was no physical altercation," she said.

According to the publicist, Tommy Lee's camp can prove that allegations that he received an Alliance beat down were fraud.

"We have the video footage and we will release it tonight. Tommy Lee Sparta was not touched and they cannot touch him. He is good, he recently came from his Caribbean tour performing in St Vincent, Barbados and Antigua, where he did a series of Halloween events, plus he is ready for Sting and has all the songs to deliver. We have a strong security so no one can try and assault him," Williams said.

In the meantime, Bounty Killer took to his Twitter account to shed some light on the issue.

"First, let me state it clearly, nobody nuh box nobody and that was never intended either. All mi know boy inna mi place and dissed mi pon stage, so mi step to stage to defend it, and a pure commotion. Heady D and police dem a block up the stage, so mi say if him naah defend it tell, him fi cut now and .... (him) flee," he continued.

"Then Heavy D send police come lock off the show, a 10 police car Heady D carry over deh, but tell any boy calling up mi name dem better plan to defend it. A call up man name fi look big pon stage, yu nuh waah clash, nuh call up mi name then ... simple. Any wey mi see dem mi rush dem," Bounty Killer tweeted.

"Bounty Killer & I-Octane - Badmind Dem A Pree lyrics"

Exclusively by

Yow Killa A pree-ments a gwaan yuh know Dat mi a se A Camera dat A journalist

Yow dem a watch we and we nah watch dem Dem a chat we and we nah chat dem Want we drop down dead yow we laugh at dem Yow Killa..Set di dogs at dem

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Cool Spots in Montego Bay Jamaica


*Coral Cliff

*Blue Beats

*Twisted Kilt

Saturday, November 10 One Knock Featuring Gyptian, Munga and Chi Ching. Music by 007 Sound, Richie Feelings, DJ Flabba Dabba, DJ Shawn, K9, Bloodstain, Supa Mix, ZJ Liquid, ZJ Ice, Code Red, Boom Boom, Foota Hype, Side Effects, Sunjock Peanut, Spin City, DJ News, DJ Blue, Fire Ribs and DJ Toad. Cost:$500 Venue:Club Warehouse, Temple Hall, St Andrew Time: 8:pm

Bring Back The Love Maxine's Birthday Bash, Bring Back The Love. Music by King Harmony, Yellow Skoolaz, Little Ritchie and Green Lion. Cost:Free Venue:Cudjoe's Place, Litchfield, Trelawny Time: 8:oopm

Saturday, November 17 Different Strokes Different Strokes 70's 80's 90's Retro Party. Music by DJ Marvin, Collin Hines and DJ Bones. Cost:$800 presold, $1,000 at the gate Venue:Chances, Negril Time: 9:00pm

Sunday, November 18 2012 CB Pan Chicken Championship Grand Finals Caribbean Broilers (CB) presents 2012 CB Pan Chicken Championship Grand Finals at From midday to 8 p.m. Cost:Free Venue:Ocean Boulevard, Downtown, Kingston Time: 12:00pm

Saturday, November 24 Stop The Violence, Stop the Crime concert Tour 2012 GET Limited presents Stop The Violence, Stop the Crime concert Tour 2012. Featuring Sizzla, Aidonia, Tommy Lee Sparta, Potential Kidd and others. Cost:N/A Venue:The Little Copa Club, 8 Miles, Bull Bay Time: 7:00pm

Self Made The Suburbs Entertainment presents Self Made. From 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Cost:N/A Venue:14B South Camp Road, St Andrew Time: 4:00 pm

Blistic Blistic, The Mardi Gras Edition, Tthe Ultimate Day and Night Beach Affair. Music by Coppershot Disco, Renaissance, Teflon International and DJ Roy. Cost:$200 presold, $400 at the gate Venue:D'Shore, Port Maria, St Mary Time: 9:00 pm

Saturday, November 30 Bringing Sexy Back: The Lingerie Edition Contribution Family presents Bringing Sexy Back: The Lingerie Edition. Music by Mello International, ZJ Johnny Kool, ZJ Wah Wa and Saxxy. Cost:N/A Venue:Fletcher's Land Community Centre Time: 9:00pm

Saturday, December 1 Chandor Party Chandor Party. Music by ZJ Chrome, ZJ Liquid and Little Richie. Cost:$800 presold $1,000 at the gate, women two-for-one before midnight Venue:Overtime, NHT Car Park, New Kingston Time: 8:00 pm

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