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Newsletter, Issue #008 --- Blazing Octane
October 08, 2011

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"Blazing Octane"

I-Octane delivered blazing high energy performance in St. Kitts and Costa Rica.

On September 30, he performed at the More Life Fest 2011 Costa Rica.

Octane received cheers and enthusiasm from his fans blazing the stage with conscious tunes after another.

Two days later, he performed on the So Long to Summer Bash in St. Kitts. His performance was so impressive they had to book him a year earlier for this annual event.

Octane was surprised to the response from the people, they knew even the newest of song which he has just release.

"Popcaan poppin"

Dancehall deejay Popcaan is creating waves on the radio, on streets and in the clubs.

In weeks to come, the young artists has a number of songs to be released. Popcaan has been working with producers such as Young Vybz, TJ Records, UIM and other popular producers.

Look out for his brand-new collaboration with Kartel this week. The song is on a rythm called Never Fear Dem and produced By Jamie Records.

The deejay says he is inspired by life and in terms of song writing, looks up to Vybz Kartel and Sizzla Kalonji.

Others to watch for; a single on the "So Bad" rythm, a collaboration with Tarrus Riley and "Pretty".

"Never Leave I"

By: Tarrus RileyIntro: I careless 'bout workers of iniquity Rastafari is my Security, Chimney

Chorus: Inna mi going out and coming in Never leave I Jah Jah. Keep me far from vampires Inna mi going out and coming in Keep me by your write hand and keep me far from Satan.

Verse One: Haile! Walk with me, talk to me Show me the thoughts in dem hearts fi me Me deh pon mi journey, dem can't see Dem a pray fi see mi car right off wid me Be a shield fi me, reveal to me the bad card, weh dem want deal and gimme You never hesitate fi bus di seal fi me Haile, Haile!


Verse Two: More time me caah believe, the feel for greed, flesh dem a tear and dem coming at me the bible tell me bout a gnashin' of teet' Me think a joke, but now the jokes on me Stay with me, Haile-I clear the stage fi me, Dem smile inna mi face an a dig a grave fi mi so wen mi touch di road Jah Jah a rave wid me



Heeeeyy I man care less 'bout workers of iniquity Rastafari is my security, hey an me a strive wid those, wa strive wid me fight against dem, wey a fight 'gainst me Chimney Ahhh, singy


Repeat Verse One


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Cool Spots in Montego Bay Jamaica *Margaritaville *Coral Cliff *Jamaica Bobsled Cafe *Blue Beats *Twisted Kilt

Saturday, October 8, 2011 Retro Glow Music by Stokey Love and DJ Denvo. Cost:$1,000 Venue:Flava's Night Club, 58 1/2 Mannings Hill Road, St. Andrew @ 9:00 pm

Sunday, October 9, 2011 Modified Meets Cruisers Car Show Heels & Wheels, in association with JIIC presents Modified Meets Cruisers Car Show. Music by X Factor Sound, Infuzion and ZJ Johnny Kool. Cost:$500 general, $300 children Venue:UDC Car Park, New Kingston @ 12:00 pm

Friday, October 14, 2011 Tipsy, Sexy N' Wet Cost:N/A Venue:Pearly Beach, Ocho Rios @ 5:00 pm

The Official And Original Water Party, Short Shorts Edition Music by Arif Cooper, Bambino, Code Red, DJ Billy and Richie Ras. Venue:UDC Field, New Kingston @ 9:00 pm

She Say Is Her Destiny Music by Snipa International and Quality International. Venue:Party World HQ, lower Maryland, St Andrew @ 9:00 pm

Red Carpet, Heels & Dress Music by Metro Graphic, DJ Smiley, Tender Touch Lovements, DJ Volcano and DJ Kempo. Featuring Baby Trish, Classical, Bamma, Star Blaze, Bittaly, Ras Kally, Day Gust and Jahzinit. Cost:$200 Venue:Metro Lawn, Beach Road, 9 Miles, Bull Bay, St Thomas @ 9:00 pm

Impy Skimpy, Tha Playboy’s Club Music by ZJ Chrome, Renaissance, DJ Renegade from Miami, DJ Timeless, Coppershot and Hyperactive Sound. Cost:women $1,500 presold, $2,000 men, $2500 at the gate Venue:Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios, St Ann @ 9:00 pm

Double Trouble, Back To Basics Music by DJ Smurf, King Ghetto and Jax International. Cost:$400 presold, $500 at the gate, $1,500 with Ultimate Weekend band Venue:Miguel's Cafe, Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth @ 9:00 pm

Saturday, October 15, 2011 Tantrum, All White Cost:N/A Venue:Ruins, Ocho Rio @ 10:00 pm

SunKiss, Bikini Goddesses From 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Music by ZJ Chrome, Bloodline Sound and DJ Absolute. Cost:$1,500 presold, $2,000 at the gate Venue:Jamaica Tamboo, Norman Manley Boulevard, Negril @ 4:00 pm

Ruption Featuring I-Octane, Fire Links, Tony Matterhorn and Hyperactive Sound. Cost:women $1,500 presold, $2,000 men, $2500 at the gate Venue:Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios, St Ann @ 9:00 pm

Rock Thaa Boat Phang and Michelle present Rock Thaa Boat. Cost:$1,500 Venue:Caribbean Queen, Port Royal Street, Kingston @ 8:30 pm

Inna My Crew Everyone A Star Bush Fyah Production presents A Day And Night Affair called Inna My Crew Everyone A Star. Music by Bass Odyssey. Venue:Eclipse lawn, Litchfield, Mile Gully, Manchester @ 10:00 pm

Heroes Weekend Sunset Cruise JB presents Heroes Weekend Sunset Cruise. Bus leaves at noon. Cost:$5,500 Venue:Mahogany Beach, Ocho Rios, St Ann @ 12:00 pm

Category 5 Fish Fry Music by Tender Touch Lovements and DJ Volcano. Featuring Hurricane and Nioma. Cost:$700 Venue:Bray Street and Black Street corner, off Windward Road, Kingston @ 7:00 pm

Sunday, October 16, 2011 Yellow & White, Bus Ride Style Music by Metro Graphic, Tender Touch Lovements, DJ Volcano and DJ Kempo. Featuring Baby Trish, Classical, Bamma, Star Blaze, Bittaly, Ras Kally, Star Blze, Day Gust and Jahzinit. Cost:$200 Venue:Lisa and Donovan Place, Lodge Green, Clarendon @ 7:00 pm

G-Strings, So Soaking Wet Venue:Pearly Beach, Ocho Rios, St Ann @ 2:00 pm

Full Flight Intense Family Entertainment presents Full Flight. Music by Stone Love and Illusion Sound. Venue:Paggee Beach, St Mary @ 8:00 pm

Barely Legal Barely Legal, The Ultimate Day-And-Night Affair, The Swimwear Edition. Music by The Nitro Music Machine, Danja-Lee, Mello Construction, King-Lee, Busta and Flava. Cost:$300, women in bikini enter free Venue:My Beach, Prospect, St Thomas @ 8:00 pm

Appleton Waves Venue:Hi-Lo Parking Lot, San Juan, Port Maria, St Mary @ 9:00 pm

Appleton Levels Appleton Levels, Mardi Gras Madness. Music by Coppershot, ZJ Ice, Kingston All-Stars and Ali Patch. Cost:$1,000, college students enter free before 11:30 p.m. Venue:Club Privilege, New Kingston @ 10:00 pm

Monday, October 17, 2011 Anesthesia Anesthesia, Bikini Edition. Music by DJ Ashile D Real Child, ZJ Wha Wa, Illusion Sound, Killa Milla and Jay Vynills. Venue:Fantasy Beach, Priory, St Ann's Bay, St Ann @ 9:00 pm

Friday, October 21, 2011 Swag A Buck Dem Like A Cow Michael from Young Money Superclean Family presents Swag A Buck Dem Like A Cow. Venue:Round Di Ben Bar, Mark Lane, Kingston @ 10:00 pm

Saturday, October 22, 2011 Full Black Masquerade, Mayhem Party DJ Steve and Di Ville Night Spot present Full Black Masquerade, Mayhem Party. Music by DJ Chris and DJ 47. Venue:Di Ville Night Spot, Kingsland, Spur Tree, Manchester Date:Saturday. 22 October 2011 @ 9:00 pm

Friday, October 28, 2011 Rude & Nude Party Scorpion's Rude & Nude Party. Music by DJ Smurf, DJ Ashile, DJ Andrew and DJ Razor. Cost:$800 Venue:Irie Beach, Exchange, St Ann @ 9:00 pm

Sunday, October 30, 2011 Surreal All-Inclusive, All-White Couture From 4 p.m. to midnight. Music ZJ Chrome, Coppershot and Renaissance. Cost:$1,500 presold women, $1,800 men, $2,500 at the gate, women two-for-one before 7 p.m. , $3,000 VIP. Venue:Police Officers’ Club, 34 Hope Road, St Andrew

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