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Newsletter, Issue #005 --- Bikini Heat............
July 01, 2011

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"Ka'ula Nights 'Bikini Heat' for Negril."

"The summer is hot, the summer is hot, its a Holiday ay ay day y ay y yay", says Ding Dong Poular song 'Holiday' and the Jamaican summer promises to be nothing but hot with blazing events all over the Island.

There is much anticipation for Negrils hottest pre ATI event, Ka'ula Nights 'Bikini Heat'. This event is a Hawaiian themed beach party which is on Appletons' A-List of events to attend.

This years event is the third staging and will take place on Friday, July 8, 2011 at the Sea Wind Resort, located on the Norman Manley Boulevard beach strip in Negril Jamaica. The promoters of the event promised that it will be extremely exciting. Patrons will receive complimentary Goodies such as Ka'ula coconuts, rum soaked fruits, Hawaiian accessories, Ka'ula rum shots and nothing but the greatest Hawaiian party experience.

The line up of DJs are extremely great to ensure patrons get the best entertainment money can buy. The line up includes DJ Nicco, DJ Rusti, Coppershot, Gemini and Macky.

Ka'ula Nights will begin at 4 p.m. with admission of $800 presold and $1200 at the gate. Tickets can be bought at the following locations in Negril; Mariners Beach Club, Sea Wind Resort and Fusion Clothing Store. The other ticket outlets are Outfitters in Savanna-la-mar, Cambio King and Total in Montego Bay.

Sponsors for Ka'ula Nights 'Bikini Heat' include Appleton Jamaica Rum, RB Entertainment Konnections Limited, Marley Coffee, ZIP FM, Events Jamaica, Outfitters, Drunken Monkey and Cars 4 Less.

"Reggae Sumfest"

As the promoter of the greatest dancehall reggae show on Earth starts to put things into place for the staging of the 2011 Reggae Sumfest, they are now beaming with confidence as three of Jamaica's top corporate companies are now on board.

Three of the main sponsors for the Reggae Sumfest 2011 are "Red Stripe", "Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB)" and "Digicel".

Executive producer of Reggae Sumfest Johnny Gourzong said "Summerfest Productions welcome these partners who have supported us significantly over the years. This year 2011 we wish to continue the legacy of a fruitful partnership and certainly seek to improve the product and take it to a higher dimension."

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"Drink and Merry."

Drink and Merry

Artiste: Assassin


Hear mi now, we a hold a vibe, we drinking, we merry, but drink responsibly. Rumblood, call di waitress.

Verse one:

So get a bottle of summen, get a glass of summen, get a crate of summen, you get a flask of summen get a soda, get a beer, get a water, summen get a gal, get a pint, get a quart of summen. You nuh haffi go hard, you can start a summen. You done di rum, and nuh have no chaser, now yuh short of summen, wait, lemme tell yuh bout real flossing summen, Flippa order a case of summen.


So we a drink, we a drink, we a drink and merry Flossing, Ace of Spade and Don Perry we a drink, we a drink, we a drink and merry we a mix di apple vodka wid di cranberry we a drink, we a drink, we a drink and merry white wine, red wine, a bottle of sherry. we a drink, we a drink, we a drink and merry we table nuh look ordinary.

Verse two:

When we a drink, more time we start off basic, start wid a one bottle and summen fi chase it. One bottle done and all three case replace it dash weh a bottle, a nuh waste we a waste it, A fi we brethren dem weh pass and gone, so inna no time a whole carton gone. Raise di drink weh yuh have inna yuh hand so come on everyone and carry on.

Rept. Chorus

Rept. Verse one

Rept. Chorus

Rept. Verse two


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