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Newsletter, Issue #004 --- Inna Di Go Go Club............
June 03, 2011

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"Best of the Best, Miami."

The Best of the Best Concert in Miami, was held over two days. Saturday May 28, featured R&B and Hip-hop acts and Sunday May 29, featured Reggae and Dancehall artists.

From as early as 5 pm Sunday you could see patrons entering the venue to satisfy their musical hunger for the Jamaican music. The night saw an estimated 15,000 patrons mostly of Caribbean decent.

Tarrus Riley held nothing back and delivered a very deep performance armed with the hits he is known for. He did not hestitae to light the crowd round after round with songs like Lion Paw, Human Nature, Shaka Zulu Pickney, Love's Contagious, Wanty Wanty, Superman and an encore performance of She's Royal. The artist spoke about peace, love unity, black consciousness and social issues. His performance was well delivered and received.

Assasin, another of the dancehall acts performed great connecting with his audience with songs like Hand Inna Di Air, Wah Do Dem Guy Deh, Good Over Evil, Talk How Mi Feel, Guide and Protect and Everywhere We Go.

Shabba Ranks the Dancehall Veteran and Grammy Award winner proved why he is still in such high demand. Trailer Load, Ting A Ling, Twice My Age, wicked Inna Bed and his new controversial song "None A Dem" created waves.

The Marley brothers too had a good delivery reeling off songs like Traffic Jam, The Mission, Welcome to Jamrock and Mykal Rose's Shootout then invited Spragga Benz onstage for their current single Jah Army. Stephen 'Di Genius' Mcgregor, Chino, Tifa, I-Octane, Vybz Kartel (via satellite from Jamaica), Etana, Richie Loops, Dj Liquid, Sanchez, Romain Virgo, Allison Hinds and Dj Khaled with appearances from Ludacris and Busta Rhymes are some of the other top acts of the night.

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"I-Octane denies Dj Amber"

I-Octane says that a recent report claiming that a popular female radio disc jock is pregnant for him is an attempt to tarnish his image.

While Octane is saying he had no serious relationship with Dj Amber she is saying otherwise. Dj Amber revealed in an online Publication that she was four months pregnant for the Artist and that their relationship got sour in March. The Dj claimed that they have been friends for several years now but only got intimate in last year.

The Dj stated her reason for coming out was to clear up rumors that she was pregnant for I-Octane and that he had asked her to get an abortion. She insisted that he had never requested her to do such act. She also said she had been suspicious of him with another woman who work in media, the mother of his child but he denied when cornered by her.

I-Octane agreed that they were friends who did business together and later got on different pages, after which he decided they would not continue. This he said was when things started to get bad. The artist also said that Dj Amber stated that she had invested in the Octane brand and is entitled to whatever come from it.

It was when he told her things could not work, she told him she was going to demolish the brand. I-octane said he never took her serious and then now he is hearing about pregnancy. His view is that these are some of the challenges that comes with being in entertainment. Quoting a line from Buju's Popular song " Its not an easy Road", I-Octane says these are the things you face when you rise in life. " Mi love har still and rate har fi weh she do fi mi still", he added.

Dj Amber is stating that the news of her pregnancy and circumstances surrounding it will have any negative implications for her. She added that she is an independent female who is able to manage on her own and have the support of friends, family and other entertainment personalities.

"Inna Di Go Go Club."

Inna Di Go Go Club By Beenie Man


Yuh know how long me a look fi di gyal and cyaan find her star. Oh na na nah Oh na na naa, Alright.

Verse One

Di other night inna di go go club, gyal dem a treat me like a chocolate fudge, Di gyal dem a give me everyting mi love. Is like a whining contest and a mi a dem judge. But every gyal a mine, dem nah hold grudge. Mi best friend Charlie, dem a kiss up and smudge, Mi a spend inna di go go club, After mi nuh come yasso fi fall inna love.


My girl, Di way yuh whine dat waist, Wid yuh sexy physique and shape, Gal di way yuh back it up, back it up, Yuh mek mi waan grab it up, grab it up, My girl, di way yuh look inna yuh lace, wid dat sexual look on yuh face. Yuh mek mi waan grab it up, grab it up, mi love di way yuh back it up, back it up.

Verse Two

Gal yuh waist mek outta rubber, how yuh whine it. gyal yuh find it, yuh find it, yuh find it. An' dat whine deh a yuh design it. Gyal yuh find it, yuh find it, yuh find it. Yuh carpet have di bumpa behind it, Dah gold mine yuh have deh, mi ago mine it. Bring di contract come, mek mi go sign it, Gyal, yuh find it, yuh find it, yuh find it.

Rept. Chorus

Verse Three

Money a nuh problem, see it deh mi got nuff, Gyal yuh know mi ready fi a private show. Mi a pree from front, mi nuh siddown a back row. champagne room ready, my girl let's go. Girl mi have a arrow yuh fi fit inna yuh buff, From mi see yuh, mi see sey yuh liver white like snow. Gyal come show mi every trick weh yuh know, and touch yuh toe prove to me yuh a pro. My girl,

Rept. Chorus

Rept. Verse Two

Rept. Chorus


Saturday, June 4 Twisted Spiritz Music Coppershot, ZJ Johnny Kool, DJ Narity and DJ Nicco. Cost:$2,000 presold, $3,000 at the gate, $4,500 VIP Venue:Caymanas Polo Club, St Catherine @ 11:00 pm

Krazy Kris Birthday Party Music by Krazy Kris, Senor Daley, Stokey Love and DJ Marvin. Venue:Jewel International Resort, Port Henderson Road, Portmore @ 10:30 pm

Inches Beach Party, Bikiniz In Print From 4 p.m. to midnight. Music by Coppershot, ZJ Liquid, Chromatic, ZJ Wah Wa, Boom Boom, DJ Flabba Dabba and Bunco Hilltop. Cost:$1,000, women free before 10 p.m. Venue:Waves Beach, Portmore @ 4:00 pm

Full Revvvv, Hot In Red/Sexy In Black Impulse Events presents Full Revvvv, Hot In Red/Sexy In Black. Music by DJ Denvo from Fame FM and DJ Venom. Venue:Bouganvilla Club, Yallahs St Thomas @ 10:00 pm

Decades, Best of 80ís 90ís and 2000ís Music by Mixx Master Marvin, Michael Thompson, Renaissance Disco, DJ Alpachino, Coppershot Disco and ZJ Johnny Kool. Cost:$1,500 presold, $2,000 at the gate Venue:Morganís Harbour Hotel, Port Royal @ 9:00 pm

Friday, June 10 Humidity, The Bikini & Short Edition Music by Code Red, Illusion Sound, King Bravel and DJ Richie X. Venue:Belritero Inn, Galina, St. Mary @ 10:00 pm

Saturday, June 11 Boat Ride Music by Supa Den. Cost:$1,000 Venue:On the Caribbean Queen, Kingston @ 7:00 pm

Saturday, June 18 Illusion Sound Anniversary Venue:Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios, St. Ann @ 10:00 pm

Saturday, June 25 Black Nation 11th Anniversary Music by Stone Love, Black Nation Sound, DJ Kemar, ZJ Liquid and Boom Boom. Venue:To be announced @ 9:00 pm

All Dem A Talk Wi A Steppa, The Colour Coded Edition Jody, Bertie and DJ Jugz present All Dem A Talk Wi A Steppa, The Colour Coded Edition. Music by El Razor Sound system featuring DJ Jubba. Venue:Jody's Bar & Lawn, Lancaster Square, South Manchester @ 10:00 pm

4Play, The Genesis Music by Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, Xclamation and Kaotic. Cost:$1,000 Venue:Kirkvine Sports Club, Williamsfield, Manchester @ 9:00 pm

Hypnosis, Wet Dreams Imperial Visionz Entertainment presents Hypnosis, Wet Dreams. From 2 to 11 p.m. Music By ZJ Liquid, Coppershot Disco, Illusionz and Hyperactive. Cost:women free before 5 p.m., $500 after, men $1,000 Venue:Island Village Beach, Ocho Rios @ 2:00 pm

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