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Kemar Highcon "The Sauce Boss" said A Nuh My Fault
November 21, 2019

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Kemar Highcon "The Sauce Boss" said A Nuh My Fault

The sauce boss Kemar Highcon is back with another brand new banger titled "A Nuh My Fault".

The single which is produced by I Amwav Music and Izlam Records was released in November of 2019, is already a hit with dancehall and Reggae music lovers. Listen to Kemar Highcon Anuh My Fault here on site
On the track, Kemar sings about been like a magnet to which the ladies which pulls the ladies towards him.

Since its released "Anuh My Fault" has been added to numbers of radio stations playlist and several streets Djs have already picked it up.

Kemar Highcon is well known for his chart-topping single "Saucey" which became a major hit in 2019. Saucey also helps Kemar to inked some corporate deal with several companies including the world-renown KFC. Youtube link:

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