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Dancehall and Reggae Music singer Mavado "The Gully Gad"

Reggae singer Mavado, The Gangsta For Life", "The Gully God" was born on November 30, 1981 in Cassava Piece Kingston Jamaica. His real name is David Constantine Brooks.

If you should asked most people in Jamaica who is David Constantine Brooks most of them will tell you they don't know that person, but just say any of the about mention names and everyone knows him.

Growing up in Jamaica, one thing is almost certain you would have to attend church on Saturdays or Sundays.

For David this was no different, his grandmother was the first person who introduce him to music.

He used accompany her to church and this is where his music career as a singer started. Brooks said he used to admire singers such as Sanchez and Wayne Wonder, but his peers would always talk about Bounty Killer as being the best (Baddest) in the business.

Before his introduction into the dancehall and reggae music industry he was a Barber.

The Jamaica reggae singer big break came when selector "Foota Hype" introduce him to Bounty Killer the Leader of the Alliance Crew. He was then introduce to Daseca production crew.

His first single was Real McKoy on the Anger Management Riddim and it was an instant hit in Jamaica, The Caribbean and United States. But his big break came with the release of his single titled "Weh Dem a Do". This was being played on all the major radio station across the world. This song peak at #27 on the Billboard's Hot R&B Hip Hop Chart.

Mavado has became the most sort after reggae and dancehall artiste to do collaborations with. Artistes such as Wyclef Jean’s, Foxy Brown’s, Jay-Z, Lil Kim and 50 Cent’s G-Unit have done collabs with him.

For the past 3yrs since 2007 Mavado and Vybz Kartel are currently the hottest artistes in the dancehall and reggae music industry.

Although he is a member of the Bounty Killer led Alliance crew, he has since from his own crew name the "Gully Squad".

He has since won awards from MOBO (music of Black Orgin), Rolling Stone Magazine rated him as the “Best Reggae Artist” in 07/2008. In 2010 he won the EME award for male sing-jay of the year.

He has since release (2) two albums "Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks (July 2007)" and "Mr. Brooks...A Better Tomorrow (March 2009)".

Truly a Leader, a household name and one of the brightest young talent in the business today.

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Mavado decided not to perform in Guyana after balance of payment was not made. 
Dancehall artiste Mavado did not take the stage in Guyana on Saturday August 17th, saying that he was owed by the promoter and so he decided not to perform …

Mavado and Gabriel absent from Miss Ivy Funeral 
Alliance members Mavado and Gabriel absent from Miss Ivy Funeral. Miss Ivy is buried but news and discussions about her funeral is far from being over. …

Mavado to release "On Top Of The Mountain" the first single from his upcoming album 
Singjay Mavado is currently working on his New album for producer DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group. The Gullyside artiste said 6 of the tracks …

Mavado said they try to assassinate him 
Mavado said the incident at Bounty Killa Party, was an attempt to assassinate him. In a tell it all interview with payday music he explain his side …

Mavado forms Mansion Records Label 
In a release to the media the artiste, whose real name is David Brooks, said he will be releasing his first song, Delilah, on the label next week. He …

Mavado Pepper Lyrics 
Intro Ohhh Mi doh even waan seh mi hot to much inna dah one yah yu zeen Chorus So all dem ah talk!! .man sh steppa Ketchup dem ah play man …

MaVado - Hide And Seek [Studio Vibes Entertainment] Not rated yet
"Dancehall star Mavado is back in war-mode, The Heavy Weight star dropped new track “Hide And Seek,” off the Pandora Riddim, produced by Studio Vibes Entertainment" …

Mavado Presenting Scholarships To Students In Haiti!  Not rated yet
The executive director of Haiti Live Fest, Inc. alongside Reggae/Dancehall Icon Mavado will be presenting 20 one-year scholarships for the 2016 – 2017 …

Dancehall/Reggae Artist Mavado to perform in Haiti. Not rated yet
With his new hit song “I Ain’t Going Back Broke” which features Vybz Kartel, Mavado will soon be heading to Haiti to entertain the Haitians whose roots …

Mavado - Sick Like Flu Lyrics Not rated yet
Yow tell dem enuh- Am back, like Jesus Me get vex, feel the vibes and wake up Me nuh gal inna wigg and make up It nuh tek nuttin fi dem dolly house …

Dancehall artiste Mavado Racially Abused at NY Restaurant Not rated yet
Dancehall artisteMavado says he was a victim of racial profiling at an Asian restaurant in New York recently. According to the Love In Your Heart singer, …

Mavado - Can't Bad Mi Up Lyrics Not rated yet
Keeno..Gullyside a we place Dem fi know Ready fi dem enuh A talk some boy a talk dem a coward when you see dem das why me say caw bad me up Caw …

Mavado – Herbs Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus) A could a even by a bus or a cabby Mi seh mi haffi get the herb a the cure fi mi body Lock mi up, yuh better lock up everybody Seh wi haffi …

Mavado Ft. Sha Quan – Murder Lyrics Not rated yet
(Verse 1) Sting her hard like a beas and done Wi no nam gyal like no cheese and bun Have a short gyal pon her knees that bun When mi breze c–key like …

Mavado - Nuh Badman Ting lyrics Not rated yet
Ha ha Mi a step hard right now Gullyside yow yoow yow (Verse 1) Watch yo gyal a no badman thing Carry news a no badman thing Beggy, beggy, a no …

Mavado suing Politician for Millions sources said Not rated yet
Entertainer Mavado is suing a politician for millions. Music News understands that Vado has retained a team of lawyers in Jamaica and is suing an MP …

Mavado made donation of $150,000 GYD to Joshua's House Not rated yet
Mavado was schedule to perform on the ‘Slingerz Caribbean Summer Jam’ on August 17th in Guyana, but after a break down between him and the promoters he …

Mavado upset after his artiste ShakOne was replaced with Spice on his recent Collaboration Not rated yet
Dancehall artiste David 'Mavado' Brooks is setting the record straight regarding his recent collaboration Cheat On Me, which features fellow dancehall …

Mavado Freed Of Assault Charges Not rated yet
Mavado was this morning freed of assault charges. Vado armed with his legal team appeared in the Halfway Tree R-M court today to answer to charges of …

Mavado – Rise Up ft. Akon & Rick Ross Lyrics Not rated yet
(Chorus – Akon) Can you hear dem now? In the streets they riot, they riot But we won’t stand down We rise up, we rise up Ain’t no hiding out When …

Dancehall artiste Mavado pledges allegiance to dancehall Music, talks forthcoming album.  Not rated yet
Mavado launched his career in 2005 with several controversial, blood-splattered hit singles, but he has remained at the top of the dancehall genre through …

Mavado Take It feat. Karian Sang official music video Not rated yet
This is the official music video for dancehall artiste Mavado Take It featuring Canadian pop singer Karian Sang.

Mavado allegedly Bribed U.S Official with gifts in exchange for Visa? Not rated yet
Mavado alleged to have bribed U.S. official with gifts in exchange for visa A former immigrations officer has admitted to taking bribes from a popular …

Mavado break silence on his friendship with Bounty Killer. Not rated yet
Dancehall, Hiphop and Reggae artiste Mavado finally clear the air on his friendship with Bounty Killer. Mavado who was speaking with Winford williams …

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D Brown BETs 106 & Swagg Check with The Gully Gad Mavado Not rated yet
Dancehall Super star Mavado who was recently on 106 & Park spoke with BETs D. Brown about his Swagg and what he has been up to in recent times. Mavado …

Mavado March Out Lyrics Pop Style Riddim Not rated yet
yow when you see dem tell dem say a me say this Suck dem mother, tell dem dat When gangstaz march out a serious ting March out a serious ting We …

Mavado to perform on BET's 106 & Park this Friday February 1, 2013 Not rated yet
Following on from his appearance on the show last year, Mavado will be appearing live in studio this Friday on BET TV’s flagship show 106 & Park. Manager …

Mavado Live my life lyrics (Bar Bounce Riddim) Not rated yet
Party time again Yea Party wid yo friend Tell bad mine people Chorus Mi no know bout you but mi know bout me Mi a live my life Cyan stop …

Mavado Caribbean Girls Lyrics Overtime Riddim Not rated yet
Intro Gal yo body hold mi fi true Mi stick on just like crszy glue A swear mi no know wa fi do Chorus That’s why mi she gimmi mi Caribbean …

Mavado Whats Love lyrics produced by Seanizzle Records Not rated yet
Seh she done wid love Money is her last name Inna di night mi a sleep Inna mi dream she tek weh mi chain So mi do her di same Mi tek weh di necklace …

Mavado ft DJ Khaled "So Suicidal/Suicidal Thoughts" Lyrics Not rated yet
Ahhhh haaa Pass the Guiness Yahhh Gully Gad, from Kingston Yahh yahh We the best music So suicidal, first dem ever see this Gangsta for life, …

Mavado Box of Money Lyrics (money box riddim 2012) Not rated yet
Jordan listen mi..keenly Every ghetto yute..yeah If you don't make money Then you don't make sense Pounds and US no pense Spend a couple Jeeze Mi …

Is the Gully Gad Mavado the owner of a Ferrari? Not rated yet
Reports are that Mavado could be the owner of a Ferrari F430 sport car. Mavado has tweeted a pic of what could be his brand new Ferrari F430 sport car. …

Chip feat Mavado More Money More Gyal FREE DOWNLOAD Not rated yet
chip feat Mavado More Money More Gyal Following up on their smash collab Clean Everyday, that had dancehalls and clubs rocking around the world, Chip …

Mavado Stay Far Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: (Ch-ch-Charlie Pro(Charlie Pro)) Seanizzle Aint no love ting In life, we waan, hav di most ting Ghetto youth fi get rich(rich, rich) money …

Mavado Like Me Chill Spot riddim 2012 Not rated yet
ancehall and reggae music superstar Mavado has released a track call "Like Me", The song is different from the regular dancehall/reggae music. Mavado …

Cris Cab "Rihanna's Gun" feat Mavado & Wyclef Jean video Not rated yet
As dancehall and reggae music artiste Mavado contiune to cross over into the USA hip hop and R & B market, his latest work is with upcoming Miami artiste …

Mavado is officially Married  Not rated yet
Dancehall and Reggae music artiste Mavado is Married! According to an article posted on the website, Mavado got married in Florida, …

Mavado talks about Beef with Flexx Not rated yet
Mavado talk about the growing feud between him and fellow gully artiste Flexx. Mavado said there is no beef between him and flexx, he said Flexx is …

Mavado feat. Akon Survivor lyrics and audio Not rated yet
Intro IEEEEEE Yeaaaaaaa, anyway, ohhoooooo, Gangster for life Akon, Akon, Akon, yeaaa Mavado, Mavado, Mavado We di best, gangster, mavado, mavado, …

Mavado "ONE LOVE MUSIC FESTIVAL" on December30, 2011 in St Croix. Not rated yet
Dancehall superstar Mavado will headlined the "ONE LOVE MUSIC FESTIVAL" set for December30, in St Croix. In an interview Mavado said "I am very happy …

Mavado Settle down official video Not rated yet
Dancehall heavy weight mavado has released the video for his monster hit single "Settle Down". The track was produce by JA Productions. Watch video …

Mavado to move to Ghana? Not rated yet
Jamaican dancehall artiste, Mavado who arrived in Accra Friday afternoon ahead of Saturday's Mavado Live in Ghana concert says he may settle in Ghana in …

Mavado Settle Down Lyrics and Song Not rated yet
Intro Say is her destiny, say is her destiny, say is her destiny Say is her destiny, yea Say is her destiny, say is her destiny, say is her destiny …

Mavado and Baby Face for Reggae Rhythm 2011 Not rated yet
Mavado and Baby Face headline the first Reggae Rhythm and Blues Festival to be held in New York City. The festival will kick off on Sunday September 4th, …

Mavado Deliah lyrics Not rated yet
Intro (Ah, ahh ahh) Delilah(Oh oh ohh) (Ah ah, ahhhhhh ahhh) (Delilah) Verse 1 Love u to my heart, love u to my soul(Delilah) I thought you …

Mavado given back his US Visa Not rated yet
Dancehall Reggae artiste was given back his US Visa. After almost 2yrs without a US visa the artiste was given his work permit to travel to the states. …

Dancehall artiste Mavado in Jail Not rated yet
Dancehall reggae artiste Mavado is now in police custody in St. Ann, after an incident at a nightclub in the parish on May 22, 2011. Reports aare that …

Dancehall artiste Mavado Stulla Wine Not rated yet
dancehall reggae artiste Mavado to launched Stulla Wine. Stulla Wine is set to hit the local market in the summer of 2011. Mavado is the second dancehall …

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Mavado Star Bwoy Official video Not rated yet
Dancehall reggae artiste Mavado video for his monstor hit STAR BWOY was released on on April 14, 2011. This is a change as most …

Mavado Trinidad Ban Lifted Not rated yet
Dancehall reggae artiste Mavado is now free to perform in Trinidad and Tobago. The artiste was banned in 2008 due to the violent and sexual content …

Mavado to be featured on DJ Khaled "We The Best Forever" album Not rated yet
Mavado to be featured on DJ Khaled's Upcoming album titled "We The Best Forever". He will be collaborating with the likes of Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta …

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