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Journeyman Pilgrimage Prezident Brown - Hailing from Clarendon, Jamaica, Prezident Brown began his career traveling the world as the resident MC for Jack Ruby’s Hi-Power Sound System.

He quickly graduated to recording for legendary Jamaican labels like Barry O’Hare’s X-Rated label, Bobby Digital’s Digital B Records, Tony Rebel’s Flames label and Richard Bell’s Star Trail Records.

Prezident Brown

Now his gruff, rootsy vocals shine forth on original tracks ranging from the hard and upbeat to softer, acoustic guitar and Nyabingi drum-laced ballads

Prezident Brown’s new album, JOURNEYMAN PILGRIMAGE, travels a road unique in the reggae industry although common in other genres. Using the website, Brown secured partial funding for this album from his many fans.  In return for contributing to the album’s budget, fans are thanked in the liner notes and received a customized ‘swag bag’ from the Prez. Depending on the level of their donation, fans received T-shirts, CDs from his catalog, posters, original water color paintings, custom, family-made jewelry and concert tickets.

The JOURNEYMAN PILGRIMAGE album is aptly named, as it tells the story of Brown’s journey in making the album as well as his life experiences over the years. Each track leads naturally to the next, much like the chapters of a book. The album opens with Bullhead Mountain which describes a “real countryman” a term that characterizes Brown himself.  Notes the Prez, “A countryman always has food. You pick it right off the trees.”

Hexagram 56 first appeared on the JOURNEYMAN EP as Never Be Ungrateful; here it’s the same words on a different ‘riddim’. The new title refers to Ancient Chinese works which generate the energy he believes has carried him since his entrance on the earth. As the Prez continues his journey, he advises us to "Never be ungrateful” and “No bite the hand that feed I.”  Respect and Manners continues the vibe as he asks us to respect all others, including Rastas, wherever they are found. As a world traveler, Brown knows you “Can’t take kindness for weakness, can’t be ungrateful”.

Next, he ‘edutains’ us that even if you were a Badman Yesterday, redemption is still possible if you are a good man today according to your works. He first learned from Jack Ruby, that “yesterday is gone, live in the present.” Although he agrees that Desperate Times call for desperate measures, he warns against desperate endeavors.

Life is a Gift harkens back to Ruby’s quote instructing you to be present in every moment, while the playful track (sung in patois), Baby Boy describes the possible scenario of a devoted couple when it’s raining outside, as in “Let’s make a boy baby.” Keeping the romance going, on Testify Brown testifies his love “from the soul of my heart” against a background lush with horns. Reinforcing this theme on the next track, he compares the Love Line to a necessary lifeline. I Love Jah continues the love but this time around it’s for his spiritual core of beliefs. First released 5 years ago as a digital demo, the Prez has re-recorded the song with live instruments, including Addis Pablo on melodica and vocals.

“Why an instrumental?” Brown said to himself, “Let me shut up for a minute”.  Jah Melody Instrumental demonstrates his considerable musical chops alongside Addis Pablo’s melodica again.

Sound System (Dance Haffi Gwaan) features U Brown, giving P. Brown a chance to pay tribute to his early mentor.
Jungle Vulture instructs listeners to beware of the “jungle out there” and warns them to be conscious of what they say and do.  Experience has taught him to be wary of people who only come around once you reach success.

Talking further teaches care of what we say, to let our words carry meaning. The saying goes that talk is cheap, but according to The Prez, it doesn’t have to be: “Words are powerful, magical. Songs can be of a divine origin, the music and words, the rhymes and the reasoning.”   Why not take a Journey with Prezident Brown and find out for yourself.?          

Press contact: Zoe Espitia  •  Aaron Mahlfeldt

The album is available through ZOJAK WORLD WIDE, on iTunes and other fine etailiers.   

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