DatGyal Sound – ‘KIN IT OUT Mixtape – March 2013

by DRW

Mediafire: www.mediafire.com/download.php?sqqr99bqda8kjbn 63 Tracks, 192 kbs, 111MB

Mediafire: [www.mediafire.com/?4w3wd1khpwq1z1p One Track 192kbs, 106MB]

Hulkshare: www.hulkshare.com/h7tc2a7zaadc One Track 128kbs, 71MB
Hulkshare: www.hulkshare.com/awtnac28axa8 One Track 192 kbs, 106 MB


1.Munga Honourable, DatGyal Sound – INTRO (Rock To The Music Instrumental) Silent Mode Entertainment {2012}
2.DJ FearLess – Prelude (Georgina Instrumental – DatGyal Refix) Cr203 Records {2013}
3.Vybz Kartel – Georgina Cr203 Records / ZJ Chrome {2013}
4.Hitmaker & Karina Jess – Stamina (Old Bring New Riddim) Blackspyda Records {2011}
5.Leftside – Naughty (Bed Knocking Riddim) B25 Muzik {2012}
6.Mr. Vegas – Love Zone (Bed Knocking Riddim) B25 Muzik {2012}
7.Keida – Wine Fi Yuh (Bed Knocking Riddim) B25 Muzik {2012}
8.Demarco – Every Gal A Mine (Bed Knocking Riddim) B25 Muzik {2012}
9.Busy Signal – Cyaan Believe, Bubble Up (Bassline Riddim) Di Genius Records {2012}
10.Di Genuis – Whine Like (Bassline Riddim) Di Genius Records {2012}
11.Spragga Benz – Hotter Dan Dem (Bassline Riddim) Di Genius Records {2012}
12.Aidonia – Bad Inna Dance (Bassline Riddim) Di Genius Records {2012}
13.Lucritive, Hitmaker – Interlude (Madda Dan Riddim Instrumental) D Ice Productions {2005}
14.Vybz Kartel – Come Here Pussy Cat (DatGyal Refix) (Madda Dan Riddim) D Ice Productions {2005}
15.Vybz Kartel – Daggering, Bruk It Off {2008}
16.Vybz Kartel – Seductive (10 Long 10 Strong Riddim) KeepLeft Records {2009}
17.Vybz Kartel – Cock Up Is A Ten (Unfinished Business Riddim) TJ Records {2008}
18.Vybz Kartel – Mi In Love (Cobe Riddim) KNK Entertainment {2011}
19.Vybz Kartel ft. Delicious – Rough Sex Greensleeves Records {2005}
20.Demarco – Prelude (Rough Sex Instrumental) Greensleeves Records {2005}
21.Demarco – Continue Whine DJ Frass Records {2013}
22.Tami Chynn – Da Dee (No Tampering Riddim) Coppershot {2005}
23.Vybz Kartel – All out Adidjahiem / Notnice Records {2010}
24.Tommy Lee – Pussy Mechanic (DatGyal Refix) Good Productions {2012}
25.Vybz Kartel – Bend Like Banana {2012}
26.Tactical, Lucritive, Demarco – Interlude (Invasion Riddim) Cashflow Records {2013}
27.Melpo Mellz – Let Me Live My Life (Invasion Riddim) Cashflow Records {2013}
28.Masicka – Mi Have The Style (Invasion Riddim) Cashflow Records {2013}
29.Deablo – Gal Yuh Can Fuk (Invasion Riddim) Cashflow Records {2013}
30.D’Angel – Pretty Bad Gal (DatGyal Refix) (Invasion Riddim) Cashflow Records {2013}
31.Nado – Drive Yuh (Test Drive Riddim)
32.Kalado – Inside Love (The Baddest Riddim) Dreday Production {2012}
33.Voicemail – Wickedest Wine (The Baddest Riddim) Dreday Production {2012}
34.Masicka – Gyal Do Tings (The Baddest Riddim) Dreday Production {2012}
35.Masicka – Ride It (Hot Up Riddim) Inspired Music Concepts {2013}
36.Rushelle aka Reggae Queen – Glue (Hot Up Riddim) Inspired Music Concepts {2013}
37.Aidonia – Gallis Laws {2013}
38.Charly Black – Position Zionnoiz Freeze Records {2012}
39.Paradyme – Brag Wid It So (Bedroom Bully Riddim) Oneshot Entertainment {2012}
40.Kalado – Prelude (Bedroom Bully Riddim Instrumental) Oneshot Entertainment {2012}
41.Kalado – Make Me Feel Dreday Productions / Dynamikz {2012}
42.Darrio – Hurry Up Subkonshus Music {2012}
43.Mavado – Special Kinda Gyal Di Genuis Records {2012}
44.Masicka – So Good Inspired Music Concepts {2013}
45.Demarco – Interlude (Morning Ride Riddim Instrumental) Inspired Music Concepts {2012}
46.Ryme Minister – Pretty Wine (Morning Ride Riddim) Inspired Music Concepts {2012}
47.Teflon – Cyan Hold Me (Morning Ride Riddim) Inspired Music Concepts {2012}
48.Aidonia – Baby BlackSpyda Records {2012}
49.Hitmaker – Interlude (Baby Instrumental) BlackSpyda Records {2012}
50.Vybz Kartel – Barbie Baby Doll Young Vibez Productions {2011}
51.Navino – Age Is Just A Number JA Production {2012}
52.Vybz Kartel – You A Me Baby Tad's Record Inc {2010}
53.Vybx Kartel – Gaza Girl {2009}
54.Hitmaker, DatGyal Sound (Intercept Riddim Instrumental) Calibur Entertainment {2008}
55.Shutah – Ride It (Intercept Riddim) Calibur Entertainment {2008}
56.Laden – Come Take A Seat Kingston Elite Studios {2013}
57.DatGyal Sound, Hitmaker – Interlude (Ever Blessed Instrumental) Head Concussion Records / Adidjahiem Records {2012}
58.Vybz Kartel – Ever Blessed Head Concussion Records / Adidjahiem Records {2012}
59.Demarco – My Confessions Head Concussion Records {2012}
60.Gaza Slim ft. Vybz Kartel – Anything A Anything Adidjaheim Records /Notnice Records {2011}
61.Tanya Stephens – We Can Do That {2003}
62.Tifa – Matie Wine (Contra Riddim) CR203 Records / ZJ Chrome {2011}
63.Demarco, Lucritive, Hitmaker, DJ Cashflow Rinse, Munga Honourable, Chevaughn, Kalado, Paradyme, DJ FearLess,
Tactical, DatGyal Sound – OUTRO

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