Dancehall invasion

by DRW

Dancehall invasion means the taking over of Venue by Dancehall, Reggae or Simple dancehall music for a day, Night or Weekend.

A perfect example is Dancehall night at the greatest reggae show on earth "Reggae Sumfest". Dancehall night could also be call dancehall invasion.

Some promoter also used this terms as the Tagline for their party or function. At many of these dancehall invasion party you will get to meet and party with some of the top dancehall deejay, selectors, sound systems and Artitsts.

There are also a lot of dancehall mixtapes (CD's) which goes by this name.

DJ Loudmouth has a volume of mixes which he calls Dancehall Invasion.

Presently you can get from Vol.1-35 to purchase and download online.

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