Dancehall artiste Versatile Explains sex tape leak


Another dancehall artiste is once again picking up the pieces after pictures surfaced on the Internet with him involved in a sexual act.

Versatile, who is more popularly known for his hit Bank Inna Me Pocket, Give Thanks fi Life and Nah Eat featuring I-Octane, told The STAR that the pictures, which show a female companion performing oral sex on him, became public after he lost his cell phone.

"Mi lost mi phone and me send out broadcast about it, mi even tweet it. Couple days after me hear say tings deh pon the Net. Is not something me did even waan talk 'bout because it is very personal and it a mash up nuff tings," Versatile said.

"The pictures are very personal and are of two consenting adults. It is something private and it is unfortunate that it was released. I really just want to apologise to my fans and move forward with my music career," he said.

propagate the incident

Versatile added that he will not be addressing the issue and that he will also not be singing songs about the incident.

In the meantime, Versatile is gearing up for the release of his new singles and his debut mixtape titled Versatility.

"Mi and I-Octane have a new collab titled Lock Di Whole Place,produced by J Crazy Productions, and it is really doing well on local radio stations. We are also looking into shooting a video for the song soon. Fans can also look out for the release of my new video titled Cawv Street. My mixtape will also be released next month."

Versatile is also scheduled for shows in the US, and Europe in coming months.

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