Dancehall artiste Samini has been warned by yutes in Nima not to set a foot there!

Reggae and dancehall music fans (the ghetto youth) resident in Nima say self-acclaimed African dancehall king, Samini dare not step foot on the soil of Nima or he will regret doing so, Flex newspaper has been informed.

According to these Nima youth, Samini has always turned his back on them and never got closer to them when they needed him most. They say Shatta Wale, who is currently seen as a rival of Samini, has always been with them and does not discriminate against any group of people.

“The ghetto is the pride for almost all superstars in Ghana and that is why most of them will never neglect us in their activities. So if Samini thought he was too big to perform for us, we won’t accept him if he tries to get closer to us in the future. We have no space for him,” an angry Nima youth posted on Facebook.

“Nima, some ‘batty boy’ wants to enter yard to deceive people but he will never sale out. is Nima so Samini you have no room for here,” another Nima ghetto youth disclosed.

A third person who was also warning Samini not to stage any show in Nima had this to say: “Back off because we don't want to violate the laws of our lovely Mother Ghana but if you push us we will show you where power lies. More love to all true Ghanaians and also to Shatta Wale and his Shatta Movement crew.

These statements went viral when it was rumored that Samini will be visiting his Nima fans very soon.

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