Anyone Know this Dancehall/reggae song?

by peter

ive only got a clip of this song and i cant find it anywhere. so here are the lyrics.....

one foot in a one foot out a, one foot in a one foot out a, stick your body ??? wine your body ??? one foot in a one foot out a, one foot in a one foot out a, shake your body ?? wine your body ??, do your dance...
then the chorus.....with the gal with the sexy body...... your sexy, you impress me........

one foot in a, one foot out a, one foot in a one foot out a.

the recording is very poor quality so its difficult to pick out all the lyrics. it sounds like a track from the late 90's or early 2000's and a fast paced reggae track. i hope you can help. applogies for the minimum amount of lyrics, but the recording is so poor its really tough to hear whats being sung lol.

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